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Buying a new lawnmower

by Sarah - April 20th, 2010.
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It’s about this time of year when the grass is starting to look a bit scruffy and long that you dig out the old lawnmower.
If you’re after a new one because your old one broke or was just too much effort then MowDirect is a great place to look for a new lawnmower. They have over 300 mowers in stock which is a huge number of different types. Plus they offer Free Express Delivery!

Maybe this year is the time you’re going to get a petrol mower for ease of use, or maybe you want to get a new electric mower. Whatever sort you want they have them all. From easy and light to use flymos to huge sit on monster mowers!

They have over 50 electric mowers – mains operated that need to have a lead connecting you to the mains plug. They’re a bit awkward until you get the hang of keeping the cable out of the way but they’re an effective and easy way to mow the lawn.
Ideal for a not too huge garden where you can reach all bits of the garden with one extension lead. Always use a socket protector too that will instantly cut off the power if you cut through the cable.
The most maneouverable are the Electric hover lawn mowers. The Electric four wheel rotary lawn mowers are energy efficient and lower noise! Electric rear-roller rotary lawn mowers gives you a traditional striped lawn effect. Last of the mains electric range are the Electric cylinder lawn mowers will provide a fine cut on smaller lawns.
So you need to consider what sort of cut you want and how big your garden is. If you’ve got a huge garden then you should look at the petrol mowers and for massive gardens the sit and ride mowers look like the most fun.

Wait for a dry day to mow the lawn and for the first cut of the season don’t cut too short. If the grass is too damp it will all clump together and be a nightmare for mowing. If in doubt leave it until the afternoon rather than a morning. Once the sun has been out you’ll see that it’ll dry the grass up if it’s a little damp.