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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - April 21st, 2010.
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New items at Thompson & Morgan

Sweet Potato Planter Collection 5 slips each plus 3 planters
Sweet Potato Planter Collection 5 slips each plus 3 planters £16.98
Sweet Potatoes are a versatile alternative to potatoes and can be roasted, boiled and baked in the same way. They are packed with vitamins and dietary fibre. Did you know you can grow sweet potatoes in bags on the patio just like normal potatoes? This fantastic collection contains 5 slips each of Sweet Potato T65 and Sweet Potato Beauregard Improved, plus a pack of 3 planters. There’s really no digging required when you use these handy, re-useable planters with strong handles so you can move them around your garden, backyard or patio depending on where you want to position your potato plot. Just fill each one with about 40 litres of multi-purpose compost and plant your slips. Bags can be re-used over a number of years. Much more attractive than your average gro-bag, they look great once the lush green leaves of your plants start coming up. Sweet Potato T65 Demand has increased year on year over the past 3 years as gardeners find that growing a successful crop of sweet potatoes is rewarding and satisfying. Although considered a tropical plant it performs well in our climate. T65 has reddish skin colour but a creamy white flesh. Still the most reliable and vigorous variety producing good sized tubers.

Busy Lizzie : Bedding Supreme F1 - Plants 84 plug plants
Busy Lizzie : Bedding Supreme F1 – Plants 84 plug plants £10.99
A colour range and garden performance which puts all others in the shade. The widest range of colours available, predominantly single flowered, but you may be surprised by the occasional double delight as well. Height: 20-25cm (8-10in).
Potato 60 tuber Lucky Dip 60 tubers
Potato 60 tuber Lucky Dip 60 tubers £5.99
Each 60 Tuber Potato Lucky Dip will consist of at least 3 individual varieties of potato from our wide range. You will not receive more than 20 tubers of the same potato variety in your lucky dip.
Clematis Dr Ruppel 1 jumbo plant
Clematis Dr Ruppel 1 jumbo plant £5.99
A good compact, free-flowering cultivar from the Argentine. Clematis Dr Ruppel is excellent for containers thanks to the striped, 15cm (6in) flowers followed by pretty seedheads.
Runner Bean : Enorma 12 plants
Runner Bean : Enorma 12 plants £5.49
Reliable favourite. Long pods.Huge yields. T&M’s easy starter plants are expertly grown, taking away all of the worry of raising your own. Delivered ready for planting so that you can enjoy bigger, earlier and tastier vegetables. Our quality vegetable plants will be despatched at the correct time for planting. Please note: Delivery is subject to plant size, adverse growing conditions during production may delay despatch schedules.
Clematis Collection One 7cm pot each
Clematis Collection One 7cm pot each £4.99
This collection consists of one 7cm pot each of Clematis Fond Memories and Clematis Viticella John Howells. Clematis Viticella John Howells This extremely floriferous variety has attractive flowers from summer through to autumn. Ideal for containers and suitable for any aspect. Can reach up to 1.5-2m in height. Clematis Fond Memories Large lavender-rose blooms up to 10cm (4”) across with a gleaming satin sheen. Grow this exceptional variety to appreciate why it was the star of the Chelsea Flower Show for two years running! This hardy deciduous climber is a real show stopper for sunny walls and patio containers.