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Roundup Pump N’ Go sprayer

by Sarah - April 26th, 2010.
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Roundup pump and go weed killer sprayThe new Pump N’ Go sprayer from Roundup looks like a great way to spray a larger area with weedkiller.
Its got an adjustable nozzle so you can change the setting from jet to spray.
Normally, you should always use weedkiller on a calm day – if it’s at all windy you risk spraying all of your garden – however this jet spray is more intense and less likely to blow about. On a fine calm day you can use the wider spray setting.
Roundup’s Pump N’ Go Sprayer will treat an area of up to 150m2
This easy to use container does have a child resistant trigger though! That means it’s safe from being accidentally used by your kids! This pump and go action gives you up to 3 minutes’ continuous spraying – after about 20 pumps. You can then aim really well at the weeds you need spraying.
Another advantage of this product is that it ensure you only have weedkiller in a container clearly marked as weedkiller. There’ve been some terrible accidents where people have sprayed their garden using a sprayer only to find someone has used weedkiller in it!

This would be great for using along paths at home or the allotment. It’s easy to carry and use. Roundup works by getting to the root of the weed and kills it from there! Initially you may think it’s not very effective as the weed may appear only slightly damaged – however the magic of roundup is going on – you just can’t see it. It’s effective for plants with roots that break up when you try and dig them out – poison the root and the plant dies!
You can buy this Pump Acion RoundUp at Wilkinson Plus online as well as other online retailers.