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Figo connectors

by Sarah - April 28th, 2010.
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Figo ConnectorsFigo connectors at Unwins
What are they? They’re really useful connectors for making all sorts of useful things for your garden – fruit frames to protect your fruit from the birds, to pea netting, bean wigwags and anything else you can think of.

Everyone has canes or poles, but fixing them together is always a real bind! Figo makes it easy though. They will fit a massive range of cane sizes too – 8mm to 16mm which means you don’t have to hunt round for different canes – just use the ones you’ve got.

You get ten figo connectors in a pack
* SIX 3-way connectors per box. (for corners)
* FOUR 4-way connectors per box

This has got to be a must for anyone who’s spent the summer watching the cherries on their tree ripen to only find that the birds have scoffed the lot before you’ve picked them! Use figo to make a cage for your cherry tree!
Or use it to put fleece around plants to protect them from the frost or wind. These will be handy for all those protection jobs in the garden! They’re flexible enough to do the angles you need – so if you want to make a funny shape frame these are ideal.