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Green Fingers Therapy Skincare products

by Sarah - April 28th, 2010.
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Homescents Green Fingers TherapyGreen Fingers Therapy products have been made specifically to meet the needs of gardeners.
Home Scents is a company based in Northumbria that makes hand made natural products for the home and the family. Their range extends from cleaning and laundry products to bath and beauty products. If you’ve ever wondered where to get proper beeswax polish then they make this too!

They have just created a range of products for gardeners that they’ve called their Green Fingers Therapy range. There’s a Green Fingers Therapy Hand Scrub which is ideal for using after a hard afternoon’s gardening. The scrub is fairly liquid and easy to get out of the bottle which is handy if your hands are worn out from all the weeding – the last thing you need is to fight with a bottle, but thought and care has been put into the design of this hand scrub. It’s a lovely brown colour that will make you think of some exotic thai curry and it’s smell is heaven!

The scrub isn’t harsh and scratchy like some can be. It’s very nice to massage this scrub into your hands and it smells utterly mouthwatering. You’re supposed to spend a couple of minutes washing your hands and normally this can be a bit tedious but the scent that is in this scrub will keep you entranced. It’s gentle on any scratches and cuts your might have too – and doesn’t sting which is good news if you’ve been pruning the roses or have snagged some brambles!

So what does this lovely hand scrub contain? The scrub part is made from a tropical fruit seed called Cupuacu. It also contains Aloe Vera which as everyone knows is good for soothing your skin, and it’s scented with Lavender oil, Eucalyptus as well as Thyme. This is why it smells so lovely, it’s not an overpowering scent but it’s one that draws you in and intrigues you. It pours well, lathers nicely and rinses off leaving my hands surprisingly soft and very gently scented.

After having cleaned my hands it was time to apply hand balm – The Green Fingers Therapy Hand Balm.Now, as a gardener I’ve used lots of different moisturisers and hand lotions after gardening in search of one that really soaks in and makes your skin feel better. I was interested to see that the balm was quite runny – a small drop goes a long way and you instantly feel like your hands are being enveloped into something very soothing and protective. The oily appearance is deceptive and fades quickly, but even after about 30 seconds my hands weren’t greasy or wet – the balm is absorbed into the skin leaving it glistening and so soft. I am quite amazed at how well it is absorbed – and how soft my skin is after just one use. It’s so good I’m tempted to go and do some gardening without gloves on to give it a real hard test!

The last product I’ve got to review is the Green Fingers Therapy Soothing Muscle Soak – and as every gardener knows it’s so easy to overdo it with just one extra bit of hedge trimming, just a bit more weeding … so having something designed to away the aches and pains inflicted by making your garden look lovely. This bath soak is made from natural ingredients and contains two deliciously scented essential oils – ginger and black pepper. This smells quite yummy and intense.

These products work well to give gardeners a special skin treat and would be great gifts too!