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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - April 29th, 2010.
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New items at Gardening Direct

Strawberry Hanging Basket Kit
Strawberry Hanging Basket Kit £15.99
If you ever thought ‘Growing Your Own’ might be too much work then think again! Create your own wonderful Strawberry hanging baskets the easy way – with this fantastic kit! Containing everything you need to make a perfect Strawberry basket, you’ll find it’s a complete doddle! Kit includes: 10 Strawberry plants, 1 x 12in Top and Side Easi-Plant basket, 25 slow release plant food pellets and 20g Raingel. Don’t forget to watch our video ‘How to plant out a Strawberry hanging basket’ and you’ll see just how easy it is to do. Even if you’re a complete beginner this kit is guaranteed to give you a gorgeous suspended display of delicious Strawberries from June to September – you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Impatien Izzy Wizzy Mix
Impatien Izzy Wizzy Mix £11.99
Buy a slice of history! Izzy Wizzy is the world’s first trailing Impatien grown from seed. This F1 hybrid will trail perfectly from hanging baskets and drape attractively from all containers, producing a stunning array of flowers in jewel-like shades.
Ivy Geranium Summertime
Ivy Geranium Summertime £10.99
This ivy leafed Geranium Summertime is a pleasure to behold and easy to grow! It needs full sun and little water, producing a constant stream of flowers in a sophisticated palette of pastel shades on trailing stems. Perfect for hanging baskets and all containers, on their own or with other summer bedding.
Pansy Paintbox
Pansy Paintbox £9.99
Pansies flower all summer too! Paintbox is a large-flowered, short-stemmed variety in a range of beautiful clear-faced colours. It’s perfect for true summer colour in beds, borders and all containers. Deadhead regularly to keep flowers going, and if plants become straggly, cut them back to a leaf bud to keep them more compact.
Petunia Ocean Waves Mix
Petunia Ocean Waves Mix £9.99
Ocean Waves is a very free- flowering mix. A charming and mesmerising blend of solid blues, delicately veined and dark indigo forms, with a splash of white flowers that beautifully emphasise the paler blooms. A summer classic perfect for mass planting in themed beds, borders and all types of containers.
Impatien Purple Melody
Impatien Purple Melody £9.99
Impatien Purple Melody is truly regal range of Busy Lizzies in shades of blue satin, lavender, lilac, burgundy and white. Another example of how perfectly versatile these plants can be. Jewel tones, with a hint of cool, ideal for filling beds, borders and containers with summer-long colour.
Trailing Petunia Baby Duck Yellow
Trailing Petunia Baby Duck Yellow £9.99
Nothing beats Trailing Petunias when it comes to container planting and this pretty new variety is just the icing on the cake! Its trailing habit means it can also be used as ground cover, carpeting beds and borders too. Adorned with its soft creamy yellow flowers, this Petunia will make you smile throughout the summer.
Lobelia Royal Blue
Lobelia Royal Blue £9.99
Intense upright blue flowers of Lobelia Royal Blue are stunning, making it a popular favourite for edging borders and all types of containers. Fast growing and quick to flower even when young. This gem never disappoints and is great for gardens and containers in exposed locations.
Petunia Tumberlina Collection
Petunia Tumberlina Collection £9.99
Spectacular display of brightly coloured double flowers with a cascading habit up to 1m long! Plant them in hanging baskets, window boxes and large containers. Available as a collection (10 plants, 2 of each variety).