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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 29th, 2010.
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New products today at Suttons Seeds

Plug-in Mouse & Rat Repellers  - Gardening Equipment  Pest Control  Animal Deterrents
Plug-in Mouse & Rat Repellers – Gardening Equipment Pest Control Animal Deterrents £19.95
Rid your home of mice and rats without having to resort to poison or traps! The powerful ultrasonic waves emitted by these plug-ins are inaudible to humans and safe to use around children, cats and dogs, but effectively repel the vermin. Each one protects at least 400 square feet, so a pack of 3 repellers will protect your whole house.. . . . . .

Planters & 3 different veg for only £19.95 - Special Offers
Planters & 3 different veg for only £19.95 – Special Offers £19.95
3 different planters, 5 seed potatoes, 3 tomato plants, 5 runner bean plants – for just £19.95!Freshly picked, home-grown vegetables have more vitamins, minerals and goodness than commercially grown veg which has been shipped long distances. And, let’s face it, they taste ten times better too! Now you can start growing your own veg quickly and simply with this great patio vegetable kit! A mini veg plot on your patio! You get three planters – small, medium and large – plus potatoes, tomato and runner bean plants.The three planters are: Large – 45cm (18″) high x 35cm (14″) diameter; Medium – 30cm (12″) high x 40cm (16″) diameter; Small – 25cm (10″) high x 45cm (18″) diameter.PLUSPotato Sunrise – Sunrise is drought tolerant and will produce a fantastic crop of pink-eyed potatoes even if water isn’t abundant so is ideal for growing in containers. Kids love this variety as it has such a lovely pink colour. Good scab resistance and does particularly well in hot weather. Skin Colour – light yellow, Flesh Colour – light yellow. Uses – steam, mash, chips, saute, baked and roast. (Pack of 5 seed potatoes).Tomato Tumbler – Perfect for patio growing and not only looks stunning cascading over the edge of your planter but the delicious cherry fruits are borne in profusion on spreading foliage. (Pack of 3 plants).Dwarf French Bean Hestia – A first class, very disease resistant and easy to grow dwarf variety, bearing heavy cropping of stringless, high quality and delicious beans. With its attractive bicolour red and white flowers, it makes an appealing sight in summer. Height approximately 45cm (18″). (Pack of 5 plants).DID YOU KNOW? In tests children are twice as likely to eat home-grown vegetables as they are ones from shops.. Planters & 3 different veg for only £19.95. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Easy Fill Hanging Baskets Pair of 35cm (14″) Baskets – Gardening Equipment Containers and Hanging Baskets Hanging Baskets £14.95
These revolutionary hanging baskets, with removable side panels, are kinder to plants, with no damage to roots by squeezing. They’re more environmentally friendly than using moss, are rust and rot-proof, longer lasting, and will require less watering than conventional baskets! Complete with chains. Available in two sizes: 35cm (14″) diameter, with 12 removable side panels. 30cm (12″) diameter, with 6 removable side panels.. Pair of 35cm (14″) Baskets. . . . .
Bean Runner - Moonlight Pack of 10 Pot Ready Plants - Special Offers
Bean Runner – Moonlight Pack of 10 Pot Ready Plants – Special Offers £9.95
In recent years many people have had problems ‘setting’ runner beans due to poor weather conditions and a shortage of bees. Moonlight has been bred to counter this problem! It produces masses of white flowers with excellent self-pollination characteristics, flowering even in poor weather or high temperatures. So you can look forward to a bumper crop of smooth, stringless pods, with a flavour that is simply delicious!. Pack of 10 Pot Ready Plants. Full growing instructions included.. . . .
Cauliflower Clapton 2 Packs of 16 Plants (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!) - Special Offers
Cauliflower Clapton 2 Packs of 16 Plants (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!) – Special Offers £5.95
Clapton is a fine cauliflower with large, deep white curds that are perfect for cooking or pickling. The heads naturally mature over a period of weeks from late summer through to autumn thus avoiding a glut. Best of all, Clapton is club root resistant! Many gardeners who have tried to grow cauliflowers have had their crops hit by the devastating brassica disease club root and this superb variety puts an end to those worries.(Buy one pack of 16 plants and get another pack FREE!). 2 Packs of 16 Plants (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!). Full growing instructions included.. . . .