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Review of Roundup’s Pump N’ Go Sprayer

by Sarah - May 4th, 2010.
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Roundup pump'n'go

The Roundup’s
Pump N’ Go Sprayer
is 5L of weedkiller in an easy use container. It’s certainly
a weighty bit of kit in your war against weeds. It weighs 5kg when full, which
is comparable to a full watering can that you might be using to apply different
weed killers. It is an impressive item though.

To assembly you need to cut the two clips that keep it secure – when you cut
the one on the handle pay attention to where the pump handle is turned – when
it’s turned in right you can use it as the handle but when it’s free from the
clip it sits under you will find it acts as the pump. Once you see this it’s
very obvious! You then undo the clip on the wand and unwind the pipe from the
holder. The wand is easy to fully assemble – you press the small orange button
on it and pull out the nozzle until it’s full extended and it clips into it’s

When you finish with the weedkiller ensure you put this wand back into it’s
original position as this is what stops kids from playing with it, or it accidentally
discharging. Apply the tube to the container and you’re ready to go. This clipping
on of the nozzle tube is reversible but only under force. There’s no need to
take it off either. Refills are done through the cap on which the pump and handle
which unscrews.
Sensible but normal weed
precautions apply. Wear gloves and shoes you can rinse off if you
get any on. You don’t want to walk this powerful weedkiller over the lawn! Also
don’t do this on a windy day. You’re much more likely to get spray going where
you don’t want it to. So don’t damage your plants, or your neighbour’s plants
by using this on a very windy day. Ideally a calm dry day is what you need.

With it all set up you need to pump the handle about 20 times. This will give
you 3 minutes of spraying time. It’s not hard to pump either which was a pleasant
suprise. Having used some other pump action containers this was the easiest
by far. If you like you can put the bottle on the floor and still spray using
the nozzle so you don’t have to worry about carrying it – just pick it up and
move it along as you go. The spray is allowed out only when you press the release.
This release is very easy to control. This means you can spray only the weeds
you need spraying rather than having to spray constantly along.

You get a high level of control with the application. This saves you money
as you don’t waste any weedkiller! I did all the weed spraying I needed from
one lot of pumping. This makes it very quick and simple to use with no hassle
at all. The nozzle is put back into it’s handle and hung on the clip and then
tubing goes back on to it’s hanger too making it all very tidy to put away.
The container needs the pressure taking off before you put it away – do this
easily by undoing the lid a little and then retightening.

Pump N’ Go Sprayer
is very easy to use. The wand means you can stand up
and still be accurate with the spraying. It’s trigger is very responsive and
this makes for less waste. The whole package is very neat and you will effectively
and efficiently be able to spray all the weeds in your garden. Advantages are
that the spraying is effortless, there’s no constant pumping like you get on
some other spray systems. You don’t have to bend down – you just point the wand
so it’s less back breaking than weeding! And as it’s a spray you can get the
weeds you don’t want to pull up because of where they are! It’s suitable for
weeding along the edges of your paths, on your patios, around the egde of your
house and along fences. It’s especially useful if you have areas that you can’t
reach to weed as you can just spray the weeds and this will kill them. You could
in theory use it to target the dandelions on your lawn – it is controllable
enough to only get them – you’d just have to be careful not to tred on any you’ve
sprayed and then move the weedkiller on to your lawn.