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Tomato, Rocket and beans

by Sarah - May 5th, 2010.
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Tomato SeedlingToday I was pleased to find the tomatoes I’d potted on were fine. They’d looked really wilted yesterday and for a while I thought I’d killed them… but not yet!
I’ve even labelled them which was impressive for me. Only by numbers though – but I do have a list of the tomatoes I’m growing somewhere… and as soon as I find it I’ll share!

Rocket seedlingsThe rocket is coming on nicely too – starting to look really healthy. It’s quite peppery to eat but nice! It’s one of those pick and pick again crops that are handy to have. It’s quite dear if you buy it from the supermarket – so you can easily match one packet of seed up against the price of a bag of the stuff and then you’ll get tons more than that. It should be planted outside but I’ve not got anywhere for it yet.The garden transformation is taking longer than expected. We’ve found yet more rocks from the old path and have a huge pile! I’ve put them on ebay!

Two types of bean seedlingI’ve got some beans in little plant pots and I can now tell they’re too different types!
I love beans and they’re so nice fresh – much better than getting them from the supermarket too!
They’re fairly easy to grow – the biggest problem we had last year on the allotment was the slugs. I’ve got some nemosluf killer on it’s way this year though so there won’t be a slug problem in the garden!