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Sunday in the garden

by Sarah - May 9th, 2010.
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Chive flower just openingIt’s intermittantly lovely out there. The sun keeps hiding behind a cloud which makes the temperature dip. We monitor the greenhouse temperature with a sensor so we can see just how much the sunshine heats up the greenhouse!

Outside the chives are looking excellent. I should really be using more of them – they’re starting to flower! They’re a pretty flower which is why I don’t mind – and if you leave them the flowers create seeds for passing on to other people.
Buy Chive seeds at unwins – there’s several to buy including Chives Fine Leaved Seeds which are the normal ones as well as Garlic Chives Seeds.

tomato seedlingMy tomato plants are starting to grow! As you’d expect of course – but the number of them we have it’s going to be a squeeze in the greenhouse.

I’ve got some moneymaker, marmande , some Garden Pearl and some San Marzano ones which are plum tomatoes.
The marmande are big beef tomatoes and the garden pearls are cherry tomatoes. I decided to grow different types as it’ll be interesting to taste them all and see what differences there are.
You can buy tomato plants using the links above from Unwins.
I’ve also got some basil growing – so I can make a tomato and basil salad!

PeasThe peas are coming on nicely – they’re outside but in pots. And fingers crossed the slugs haven’t got them yet! I’ve got my nemotode slug killer which I’m going to read the instructions on thoroughly tonight!

Normal onionsSpring onionsI’ve got three types of onions! Red, white and spring!
The onions grow from sets – apart from the spring onions which grow from seed. They look quite similar – although the spring onions are tiny and delicate!
The idea is that the main onions get started in a pot and then get put in the ground. The bloke on the allotment did this and got some amazing onions at the end of the season! Also the garden isn’t quite ready for planting in yet!
The ones on the left are spring onions!

If you grow chives then when you thin them out pass some on to a friend who’s got a garden. They look so pretty even in a front garden and you never know when you want some to eat!
The lawn needs cutting again but it can wait another day or two yet!