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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - May 13th, 2010.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these products today

Dahlia Polka - 1 Bulb
Dahlia Polka – 1 Bulb was £1.49 now £0.74
You are bound to fall in love with this delightful and unusually coloured Dahlia. The large yellow centre of its flowers are surrounded with pale pink petals and neat pink edges. These would look gorgeous in borders or beds and when planting do so in any well cultivated garden soil with a good supply of organic material. Plant in a sunny site away from strong winds if possible.1 bulb.Planting depth: 15cmFlowering height: 110cmFlowering time: All summer

Autumn Onion Set - Radar (Pack of 50)
Autumn Onion Set – Radar (Pack of 50) was £1.49 now £0.74
If you plant these onion sets rather than seeds they are more reliable and will be earlier to harvest.To grow the onions require a deeply cultivated and well-drained soil for effective growth.They will also benefit from an appliance of general fertiliser into the soil prior to planting. When planting plant in Autumn 3cm deep and 12cm apart.Check them every few days to ensure growth commences and re-plant any sets that have been disturbed by birds etc.When the leaves start to die down use a fork to partly ease the onions out of the soil.After a few days bend the tops over and after a similar period lift the onions leaving them on the surface to ripen. When dry rub off any loose skin and the roots. Store them in a cool dry place
Onion - Red Baron
Onion – Red Baron was £1.00 now £0.79
The Red Baron onion won The Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 2005. They are a mid-late maturing variety with flattish-round bulbs which are a beautiful dark red colour. They are an excellent cropper and produce attractive firm well-flavoured bulbs which keep well. These make an attractive addition in the salad bowl. Plant onion from mid-February to March 15cm apart in rows 30cm apart. Lift the onions when they are mature and allow them to dry before using. Position: full sun Soil: any soil Harvest: AugustRate of growth: average Hardiness: fully hardyApprox. 50 onionsSize: 14-21
Canna Picasso - 1 Bulb
Canna Picasso – 1 Bulb was £1.99 now £0.99
Canna Picasso won an RHS Award of Golden Merit in 2002 and is a beautiful bright yellow colour with attractive speckles on the petals. This will look good in pots borders or beds and is bound to make them come alive with colour – best of all it will flower all summer long. When planting this likes a moist humus rich soil and to be in full sun. Dig-over the ground and add well-rotted manure if possible.1 bulbPlanting depth: 5cmFlowering height: 80cmFlowering time: All summer
Shallot - Golden Gourmet
Shallot – Golden Gourmet was £1.99 now £0.99
These Golden Gourmet Shallots won The Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 2005. This improved yellow shallot can be planted in very early spring. Its mild taste makes it excellent for pickling and each will produce 8 – 12 similarly sized bulbs in July.Position: full sun Soil: any soil Rate of growth: average Hardiness: fully hardyApprox. 20 shallots
Seed Potato - Pink Fir
Seed Potato – Pink Fir was £1.99 now £0.99
Pink Fir Apple is a Main Crop salad variety which has been given an Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural SocietyPink Fir is a main crop potato which has knobbly pink skinned tubers of butter yellow waxy flesh. It is an unusual potato which has a nutty taste
Seed Potato -  Desiree
Seed Potato – Desiree was £1.99 now £0.99
Desiree is the most popular red potato
Seed Potato - Edzell Blue
Seed Potato – Edzell Blue was £1.99 now £0.99
Edzell Blue was bred in Edzell Scotland and is prized for its excellent taste. It is a second early potato and has beautiful blue colour skin with contrasting white flesh. It has floury flesh which makes boiling difficult but it’s good for baking and frying – and makes excellent mash!Second Earlies can be planted about the same time as First Earlies in the south (of the UK) mid March; further north by late March/early April. The actual time will depend on weather conditions. These potatoes should be planted in rows allowing about 45cm between tubers and 75cm between rows. These potatoes can also be grown in a potato barrel or a patio potato planter. Position: sun-partial shade Soil: fertile well drained Rate of growth: fast-growing Harvesting period: July to SeptemberHardiness: protect tubers from frostGrade: 35-45mmContains: 10 seeds
Black Star Gladioli - Pack Of 10 Bulbs
Black Star Gladioli – Pack Of 10 Bulbs was £1.99 now £0.99
Black Star Gladioli has a large flower size and is a striking dark mahogany red almost black in colour. This Gladioli should not be missed and would look great in beds or borders. When planting do so in a well-drained moisture retentive soil in full sun and protected from strong winds.Pack of 10 bulbs.Planting depth: 10cmFlowering height: 100cm Flowering time: July / September

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