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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - May 14th, 2010.
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New items at Dobies

Last Chance Flower Lucky Dip
Last Chance Flower Lucky Dip £14.95
It’s the end of our season for summer bedding & hanging basket plants so inevitably we have some plants left at our nursery. There’s a mixture of varieties and plant sizes left so we can’t guarantee exactly what you’ll get but your pack will include AT LEAST £50.00 WORTH OF PLANTS including at least 10 different flower varieties. This is a limited offer, only available while we’ve got stock to send. We can’t wait to get the nursery floor clear! Full growing instructions will be included. Late May

Duranta Geisha Girl Pack of 10 pot ready plants
Duranta Geisha Girl Pack of 10 pot ready plants £9.95
A superb tender perennial to be enjoyed outdoors in containers and baskets during the summer, then lightly trimmed to be enjoyed in the conservatory during the rest of the year. The olive green leaves set off spectacular arching stems of beautiful wisteria-like bicoloured flowers! Height up to 120cm (4′) if grown on in a conservatory. Normally £7.95 for 3 plants so this pack of 10 plants for just £9.95 represents fantastic value. Full growing instructions included. Ideal for hanging baskets, patio pots and containers. Prefers full sun or partial shade.
Tibuchina Rich Blue Sun Pack of 10 pot ready plants
Tibuchina Rich Blue Sun Pack of 10 pot ready plants £9.95
Tibuchina is an astonishing evergreen with huge violet-blue flowers and dark green velvety leaves that make this showy plant perfect for hanging baskets and mixed containers. As it originates in South America this pretty plant doesn’t like frost so is a perfect candidate for the conservatory in the winter where it will continue to flower. We’d love you to try this variety, not yet seen in our catalogues, so we’re offering it at a trial price of 10 plants for just £9.95. A tender plant that’s frost sensitive. Likes full sun. Water freely in summer and just keep moist in winter. Late May
Thunbergia Twin Pack Pack of 10 pot ready plants
Thunbergia Twin Pack Pack of 10 pot ready plants £11.95
Commonly known as Black Eyed Susan because of the stark contrast between the dark centres of the flowers and their showy blooms, Thunbergia is an exotic evergreen climber. While suitable for pots, it’s most at home trailing over fences and climbing on walls or trellises. This twin pack combines the intense orange flowers of Thunbergia Mango with the soft pink blooms of Thunbergia Raspberry Smoothie. Almost good enough to eat! Late May Grow up canes in a large pot, or trailing from baskets. Likes sunny areas or partial shade so ideal for conservatories or sunny patios.
Elephant Garlic Approximately 6 Garlic Cloves
Elephant Garlic Approximately 6 Garlic Cloves £6.95
Not a true garlic and most closely related to the leek (with a swollen stem base). Elephant Garlic, as the name suggests produces jumbo sized bulbs with relatively few very large cloves – around four times the size of others – which are milder tasting and less pungent than true garlic. Very versatile in the kitchen – use it as a vegetable sliced and grilled, or sauteed in butter or olive oil, as a flavouring for casseroles or sliced raw in salads. Approximately 6 cloves. The sections, or cloves of each bulb should be separated and planted just below the soil surface from early November to late December. Space rows 15-20cm (6-8″) apart and allow 10cm (4″) between cloves. Lift and dry the plants, as with onions, once the foliage turns yellow in July. Full growing instructions included. Garlic has become an essential part of many kitchen gardens as our food tastes have changed and its health benefits have become more widely known (it lowers blood pressure, fat and cholesterol levels and combats bacterial, fungal and viral infections).