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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - May 21st, 2010.
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New product today at Dobies

The Ultimate Blight Beater
The Ultimate Blight Beater £16.99
Why not get prepared for the growing season and buy both blight stoppers for just £16.99 – SAVING £2.99 when bought separately!Fruit and Vegetable Disease Control – Potato blight and tomato blight can be real problems for gardeners. Spread through the air, it develops when the weather is warm and humid so tends to hit in mid to late summers. Fruit and Vegetable Disease Control (a replacement product for Dithane) can stop the spread of blight – it’s a traditional protective fungicide used for a wide range of plant diseases including:• Blight on potatoes• Blight on tomatoes• Peach leaf curl• Canker on apples and pears• Bacterial canker on cherries and plums• Damping off problems on seedlings of edible and ornamental garden plantsBlight Testing Kit – This brand new product has been developed to detect the earliest signs of potato blight and tomato blight. The problem with blight is that it takes a long time to show visible signs on the leaves that your plant has the disease. With this fantastic kit you can detect blight almost as soon as the leaves start emerging and treat with Fruit and Vegetable Disease Control in order to save a crop. Even if you don’t want to use chemicals in your garden then this test is also useful, providing you with an early warning so you can crop early.