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New products at GreenFingers

by John - May 21st, 2010.
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New items today at GreenFingers

Bryant And May Grillbox
Bryant And May Grillbox £5.99
The Bryant and May Grillbox is a clever solution that provides a quick clean disposable barbeque solution at your fingertips. You can take this very easily to whatever destination you choose. As the briquettes are contained in the bag thims means less mess and a longer cooking time of 1 hour. Made from forest friendly coconut shells to preserve the environment this also comes complete with a stand for ease of use. Take to picnics parties camping trips or simply use in your own garden. Food on the Go! Absolutely!

Greenfingers Standard 4 Person Octaganal Set
Greenfingers Standard 4 Person Octaganal Set £149.99
Greenfingers Standard 4 Person Octaganal Set comprises and octagonal table and four armchairs and is made from Acacia.
Bryant And May HomeFire Log  - 1.1kg
Bryant And May HomeFire Log – 1.1kg £2.99
Bryant and May HomeFire Log is ideal for creating an open fire so you can get all cosy and enjoy. This log will burn for 2 hours; all you need to do is light the wrapper and sit back and enjoy the comforts of a real fire. This log has been approved for use in smoke controlled areas and provide no odour. Contents: 1 logPlease note this code is for 1 log only not 4 as pictured
Kingsbury FSC Extending Table & 8 Chairs Set
Kingsbury FSC Extending Table & 8 Chairs Set £479.99
This stunning FSC eucalyptus garden furniture set includes an extending table 6 folding armchairs and 2 multi position chairs.
Tapered Garden Solar Light
Tapered Garden Solar Light £6.99
Add a touch of elegant lighting to your surroundings with this Tapered Garden Solar Light. Perfect for pathways or garden borders this white LED solar light is made from plastic but has a charming copper effect finish. We recommended the solar panel is exposed to direst sunlight for as long as possible however at darker times of the year it is best to recharge the batteries in a rechargeable unit.Overall dimensions: 8.5cm wide x 43.5cm high Light dimensions: 15cm high Bulb and batteries included
Bryant And May Giant Firestarter
Bryant And May Giant Firestarter £0.99
This Bryant and May Giant Firestarter can literally get your BBQ party started! This product replaces the need for kindling; all you need to do is light the wrapper at both ends and when the fire has started add logs or coals.It will burn for 40 minutes so is ideal for starting open fires.
Hozelock Sprinkler Hose 7.5m
Hozelock Sprinkler Hose 7.5m £16.99
Perforated flat hose which produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when reversed. Supplied with end cap and screw-in connector.Can be used in series. 7.5m
Bryant And May Grillbag
Bryant And May Grillbag £3.79
Choose this Bryant and May Grillbag as the convenient solution to heating your BBQ ready for cooking. All you need to do is place in your barbeque and light the corners of the bag. In as soon as 25 minutes you can begin cooking!The bag will stay alight for 1 hour to give ample time to make sure you that the chef can produce some fantastic culinary delights.The briquettes are made from forest friendly coconut shells that have the advantage of burner hotter for longer when compared to conventional charcoal. They are clean and easy to use too as well as being economical. 1.4kg bag
Yeoman Light Choice litter Grabber
Yeoman Light Choice litter Grabber £3.99
Lightweight and easy to use this Yeoman Light Choice Litter Grabber is ideal for collecting leaves grass clipping or any other debris. Its ergonomic design eliminates the need for bending while offering a hygienic way to dispose of unwanted garden waste. Light Choice products such as this are up to 20% lighter than standard tools.Using a combination of fibreglass and lightweight polymers the weight is reduced whilst the carbon steel heads ensure there is no compromise regarding the strength of the tool. Grabber width: 9cm Total length: 82cm