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Tailball – fun in every garden!

by Sarah - May 25th, 2010.
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Tailball game

Tailball is a fantastic garden game! You only need a small lawn to play on,
or even a driveway would do! It’s a neat little game made by the people who
bought us Swingball! Tailball is available as Tailball Back Pack Attack – which
comes with a net and a handy back pack – perfect for taking to the park or the
beach. Tailball Extreme is suitable only for outdoor play and is a blue colour.
Tailball light which we’ve just reviewed is suitable for indoors or outdoors!

You get two bats and a special ball that’s light and has a tail! Hence the
name – tailball! The game is just like tennis but easier to play! Because the
tail stops the ball going really fast or far and slows the game down to make
it easier for younger children to get a grip of the game and have fun whilst
playing. In contrast to swingball which can be quite fast and frantic, it’s
a more relaxed game. People with lots of flowers and plants in their garden
needn’t worry about damage either – the game is fairly gentle and the ball doesn’t
go fast enough to cause damage to plants. Another great thing is you’re not
going to worry about windows being broken by kids playing this game – unlike
if they played tennis with a proper tennis ball, and it flies much better than
the alternative to a hard tennis ball – a foam ball. A foam ball can be quite
frustrating in even slight breezes but the tailball isn’t! This gives it much
more appeal!


If you want to have fun in your garden, or want to encourage the kids to play
outside more then this is one game that’s guaranteed to keep them occupied for
hours and all their friends will want to play too! . It’s going to be affected
by very strong gusts of wind but in moderate winds it’s fine – the tail helps
it fly.

It’s fun for adults too – and even grown-ups hitting it really hard isn’t going
to damage anything! This makes it a safe and fun game and something every family
should have. Tailball is a neat game that will pack away in any beach bag and
it’s light to carry too so can be taken out on picnics and day trips to the
beach! The tailball itself has a cute case that it packs away into so you don’t
damage the tail during travel. The bats are sturdy but very light to hold.

Although there’s more picking up of the ball than swingball this is certainly
going to be a contender! It’ll make a great game for kids of all ages. You can
even play tailball light indoors! Tailball is another great way of encourage
the kids to be active, and because it’s so much fun you’re not going to have
to fight to get them to play. As it’s slower than normal tennis it is much easier
to play, but can still be played in a more challenging way by experienced players.
If you love tennis and would love to play in your back garden but can’t because
you don’t have enough room to play without hitting plants or windows, then this
game is for you. You’ll love playing tailball! Highly recommended!

Tailball is available to purchase at Toys R Us stores nationwide with an RRP