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Ecover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

by Sarah - May 27th, 2010.
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Ecover hand cleanerEcover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is ideal for gardeners who’ve not worn their gloves! Whilst we all know we should cover up our hands whilst digging about in the soil and weeding to protect them, we don’t always. There’s always a time when you slip your gloves off to do something delicate with a plant and then end up getting your hands really rather grubby.

This hand cleaner is very easy to use. It’s a screw top which undoes easily so you can get at the product inside. You squeeze a little blob of it and it’s very controllable which is good for avoiding wasting the product. It’s also good for the environment – the less you use the less goes down the drain! This product can be used if you have a septic tank too!

The first thing you notice is the colour – Ecover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner a light brown beige colour with speckles in it! The secret power of the cleaning agent lies in the speckles. It contains amongst other things Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder – which I understand to be the slightly rough particles within the cleaning product. It’s designed to be used in the same way as facial scrubs are used – to gentle exfoliate away at the dirty skin to remove the grime! It’s a really interesting product to use – anyone who’s ever used a facial scrub will be familiar with the feeling of rubbing a slightly rough product into your hands. The action of rubbing it in is very soothing and relaxing and works well on those tough stains from dirty or weeds that you get after a hard afternoon’s weeding. Ecover have designed this product to smell nice too – and it smells almost edible like lemon pudding! This heavy duty hand cleaner contains a natural essence called limonene which gives it this fantastic lemon smell.

Carry on massaging it into your hands as you wash them in warm water. You will be surprised how smooth your hands feel after and how gentle the product is even though it feels almost gritty. It’s effective and smells delightful too!

As you’d expect from Ecover it’s completely biodegradable and has minimum impact on aquatic life. This should make it the first choice for anyone concerned about chemicals in cleaning products and their effect on both humans and the environment. The container and lid are both recyclable being made from polyethylene and the cap from polypropylene. The hand scrub itself is made from plant based materials. Once opened it should be used within 12 months.

You only need a small blob of hand cleaner so it’ll last a long time. It’s a great product for getting ingrained dirt out of your hands and fingers and is easy to use. It rinses off easily too once your hands are clean! Ideal for keeping next to the sink you use when you come in from the garden – Ecover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is safe for kids to use too!
It should be the hand cleaner you use each time you’ve been doing any DIY in the house or on the car too. It’ll be really good at getting off those flecks of paint you get on your hands if you’ve been painting!