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Persil Small and might – good for garden stains!

by Sarah - May 28th, 2010.
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Persil - the gardener's friendPersil have launched a new formula that beats even more of the stains your family inflicts on their clothing! If you love your kids to play outside then you’ll know the horrors of getting grass stains out of knees and bottoms of trousers. It’s not just the adults guilty of getting their clothes dirty in the garden though. Gardener’s know all too well about kneeling or sitting in the dirt to do essential tasks like weeding or planting. It’s called Persil Small and Mighty – because it’s concentrated so is in a smaller container and it has mighty cleaning power too!

Whilst a lot of gardner’s keep an old pair of trousers for wearing when doing jobs in the garden it’s easy to find you’ve ruined a good pair of jeans by accident after you’ve just stepped outside to dead head a few flowers, lift the watering can or even play with the kids on the lawn! Playing out means grass stains and these can be quiet tough to remove.

Persil is very effective at removing stains though – so it’s something to use on those tricky grass stains. This means you don’t have to worry about what the kids are wearing when they’re playing football!

In order to encourage more outdoor activities that are essential for getting exercise for healthy living Persil have built a section of their web site to list the games and activities that children can take part in! Persil stops you worrying about your kids getting grass stains and you can relax knowing you can get their clothes clean no matter how much mud they play in!

Always read the labels on clothes to see what temperature they should be washed at.

Persil now comes in an even more concentrated form with one bottle doing 42 washes. It’s a small bottle too! It’s an impressive effort to reduce packaging and transport costs. An average family does about 5 loads a week so this bottle contains about two months worth of washes!

If you want clean soft clothes, then wash with Small and Mighty Persil! Your clothes will smell amazing too and they’ll feel so soft! Essential laundry power for anyone who spends time in the garden!

Persil has some great ideas for training exercises to play with World Cup obsessed kids as well as loads of great ideas for activities to keep them busy! Visit the Persil Tips for Mums page here for loads of great games and ideas.

Football games from Persil that your kids will enjoy practising all summer long!

Every child wants to impress on the football field, and as the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’! Here are some great football practise games that you can play with your kids, or teach your kids to play with their friends.

The Light
– Each player has a ball, except the one player that is designated as the “light”.
– Lines from start to finish should be approximately 20 – 30 yards.
– Players start from the line opposite the “light”.
– The “light” then turns away from the group shouting out “GREEN LIGHT”.
– At this signal, the players start to dribble towards the “light”.
– When the “light” turns round, calling “RED LIGHT”, players must freeze and stop their ball.
– If the “light” catches players or a ball still moving that player must take 5 steps back.
– The first player to cross the line where the “light” is standing is the winner and becomes the new “light”.

Blob Tag

– Mark out a square in the garden
– All the players are inside the square. All but two have a soccer ball at their feet and those with a ball should attempt to dribble the ball continuously.
– The two without a ball form a ‘blob’ by holding hands.
– The blob moves freely within the square and tries to kick any player’s ball out of the grid.
– If a player’s ball leaves the grid he/she joins the blob.
– Once a chain has six or more players, have it break apart into two smaller chains (of three people each).
– The last player dribbling is the winner.

Another training game you could also play is dribbling round cones – if you don’t have cones you could save and use the Persil Small and Mighty bottles – but be warned it’s a very long wait for one to become empty! Save your empty bottles – rinse and remove the labels and paint them if you have some bright paint – and then weight them with sand so they stay upright. They are the same height as toy cones that you can buy in the shops!