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Price reductions at Northern Tool and Equipment Co UK

by Sarah - May 28th, 2010.
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Northern Tool UK has cut the price of this item

Fast Frame Barn Kit
Fast Frame Barn Kit was £46.99 now £35.24
This Fast Barn Framing Kit is a quick and easy way to assemble the frame for your barn, shed etc.Using straight-cut 2 x 4s (not supplied) throughout means there are no angles to cut! So, no lost time!Your barn goes up lightning fast, because the galvanized steel bases andangle brackets make framing do-it-yourself easy. Kit includes: 12 base plates 40 angle brackets. Angle brackets speed attaching studs to rafters and rafters to ridgepole.  Complete with plans and materials list. Wood not included. Door height: 6ft. Order one framing kit for a 7 x 8 barn; two kits for a 8 x 14 barn; three kits for a 10 x 22 barn.