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Garden Crocs

by Sarah - June 2nd, 2010.
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CrocsCrocs are perfect shoes for the garden! They’re available in a huge array of styles and colours so whoever you’re buying a pair for there will be something just right. For kids they’re great for running about in – and being made of a hard wearing croslite material they are both light and hardwearing. These are the first shoes they’ll have where you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or dirty in them! Crocs are made to be worn anywhere – and if they get muddy just rinse them under the tap! They are perfect for kids helping out in the garden – as well as for adults who love to spend time weeding and watering.

Croslite material is what crocs are made from – and it’s designed to be cleaned using a little water and a tiny bit of soap! It’s such a fantastically easy shoe to look after that you will wear them all day long – in and out of the garden! A quick wipe and you’d not know I’d been gardening in them!

I’m testing the Crocs™ Tully slipper. It’s a bright green clog style shoe which is quite similar to the classic croc shoe. The foot bed is made from croslite™ material which makes the shoes comfortable and soft – allowing them to be the perfect fit. They have an low heel making them cool to wear and easy to slip on and off. There’s a textile liner which helps keep your feet cool in hot weather – and the toe area has small holes in to help too.
I was initially planning to try them out in the garden and then slip them off as I came in – but I’m been so pleased with how comfortable they are I’ve left them on!

They are light and very comfortable to wear. I think this pair of crocs is going to be my favourite shoes this summer! Suitable for indoors and doing the gardening. You can water the garden in these cool shoes on warm summer evenings without worrying about ruining your shoes! You can also chill out and relax and quickly slip your feet out to catch the sun and stretch your toes! A very sensible pair of gardening shoes for the summer!

Crocs™ Murray Clog.CrocbandTheir children’s range of crocs features some really love designs for little kids and for slightly older kids who’ve outgrown the pirates or princess feel you can find them the crocband styles that are reminiscent of baseball style trainers with a white band round the sole. They’re very funky and the kids will love them!
Shown are the Murray Pirate croc and the Crocband croc.

Whether you’re buying Crocs for you or the kids – or indeed the whole family, you will find the perfect pair of shoes! For kids who love getting muddy you will find the Crocs are a great buy!