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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - June 10th, 2010.
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Loads of price cuts today at GreenFingers

Tee Plant Labels 10 Pack
Tee Plant Labels 10 Pack was £3.00 now £2.79
These tee labels are excellent for reminding you of all the different plants you have potted or where about in the flower beds you can expect to find them sprouting up. Simply pop in the ground write the plants name on the label and you can also slot a packet of seeds in the holder part as well both for a reminder or for organising your potting. A pack of ten plastic tee labels approx 6cm x 15cm high. Please note: the packet incorrectly states that the height is 13cm (5) but we got our tape measures out and the correct size is approx 15cm (6) high.

Rentokil Spider Catcher
Rentokil Spider Catcher was £5.99 now £2.99
If you hate bugsspiders and insects in your home this Bug Catcher is the perfect solution! This unique hand-held trap catches spiders bees beetles wasps moths and many other insects alive in a safe and humane way.Once caught you can observe them if you like; this is a great educational tool for children and adults alike. You can then release them back outside where they belong without causing any harm. 4.5 x 26 x 5cm highFor indoor use onlyAlways read the label and product information carefully before use.
Gardman Solar Crystal  Butterfly Glowlight
Gardman Solar Crystal Butterfly Glowlight was £6.99 now £4.99
This acrylic Solar Crystal Butterfly Glowlight features colour-changing LED lights and is easy to use requiring no mains wiring. The colours change between Red Yellow Blue Green Pink and Orange giving a constant changing nighttime glow. This creates a wonderful ambience while the butterfly design also enhances your beds or borders by day.During the day the energy from the sun recharges the battery in this solar light which automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. At darker times of the year it is best to recharge the batteries in a rechargable unit.9 x 7.5 x 80cm high Battery included
Bat A Bug Insect Killer
Bat A Bug Insect Killer was £7.99 now £5.99
The Bat-A-Bug Insect Killer is a fun way to kill pesky flying insects. It is simple to use killing flying insects on impact. Battery operated it includes the 2AA batteries required. 15x1x48cm long
LED Wind Up Bike Light Set
LED Wind Up Bike Light Set was £8.99 now £6.99
Make sure you
Rock Dust 4kg
Rock Dust 4kg was £7.99 now £6.99
Rockdust is freshly crushed volcanic rock from Collace Quarry in Perthshire Scotland. Rockdust contains 78+ minerals and trace elements that can help with poor acidic soils. This amazing product provides a slow natural release of trace minerals and elements which increase the nutrients absorbed by plants. Earthworms that deposit mineral-rich worm casts digest Rockdust thus increasing mineral availability microbial activity and natural fertility of soil or compost. Rockdust boosts soil fertility to grow bigger healthier organic fruit vegetables flowers and lawns. Rockdust can be used with organic soil conditioners and plant foods and it contains a natural balance of lime. Do not add lime or lime-rich products as too much lime will bind up the 78+ minerals. Rockdust can also be used as a compost activator and should be applied at the beginning of the process simply sprinkle onto each layer of green waste to encourage microbial activity increase temperature reduce odours lock in nitrogen and speed up the process. The end product is much more naturally fertile organic compost. Soil application: Apply at the start or end of the growing season and sprinkle evenly using a spade or a rake into the soil surface. The Scottish Organic Growers Association and Organic Farmers and Growers Association have approved Rockdust for organic gardening.4kg bag covers approximately up to 8sq Metres and needs to be applied every 5 years.
Home Fire Logs 4 pack
Home Fire Logs 4 pack was £8.99 now £8.49
Create an instant log fire that burns for two hours. Simply light the wrapper and enjoy. This is one of the few logs that is approved for use in smoke controlled areas. 4 Pack.Not what you’re looking for? Why not look at our full range of Fire Logs.
Folding Portable Charcoal BBQ with FREE 2 Piece Tool Kit
Folding Portable Charcoal BBQ with FREE 2 Piece Tool Kit was £12.99 now £8.99
This folding portable charcoal barbecue is a great addition this summer so you can enjoy eating outdoors with style
FSC Log Roll - 182x23cm high
FSC Log Roll – 182x23cm high was £11.99 now £8.99
This FSC wooden log roll gives a neat decorative edging to paths lawns and borders. Easy to use it is secured with heavy duty galvanised wire. This has been pressure treated for longer life and is produced from 100% FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Natural wood. 182 x 23cm high.

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