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Outwell Barbeque – have fun in the garden!

by Sarah - June 11th, 2010.
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Outwell have a great range of outdoor products.

Portable barbeque from Outwell – the Cahors Portable Grill

Outwell Barbeque

This is a great idea! A reusable portable barbeque. The Cahors portable grill
is easy to take with you when you go out, and is great if you’re at home too!
It’s light enough to take camping, or to the beach – you could use it on your
patio or even on your balcony if you have room!

It’s neat and arrives in a box flat – so you can immediately see how easy it
to store. This will be easy to put away in a cupboard or in the shed as it takes
up so little room. It weighs only 3kg too – which means it’s not too heavy to
carry from the car to the beach!

Being reusable means you’ll use it many times only having to restock on charcoal.
This is better for the environment than using disposable trays. It also means
once you have one – you can barbeque any time and any where!

The top grill section is in three sections which are hinged together. This
folds up neatly when you put it away. Inside the barbeque you place a small
metal shelf and this is what the charcoal goes on. The ashes slip through the
gaps in this enabling air to keep getting to the charcoal.

We’ve tested it using easy to light charcoal and used a 1kg bag. The cooking
time from this was an hour. You can if you want to extend this add extra charcoal
by lifting up using tongs or other barbeque implements, part of the grill. This
takes some shuffling of food or you could wait until you’re in between cooking
to top it up. This barbeque gets very hot though – the air vents in the side
allow it to quickly reach temperature and keep burning well. Grass was scorched
on one side of the barbeque but not badly and I suspect it was because the wind
was blowing towards that direction as well as the grass needing cutting. It’s something
to consider when having a barbeque in a park – to pick the right place for the
barbeque. As with all barbeques once lit – don’t touch them with your hands!

More than enough food for three people was cooking during the hour of cooking
and the barbeque was easy to set up. Cooling down took a while – so with any
barbeque you need to put away and take home you need to take this factor into
account when planning your barbeque. It was the charcoal remains burning that
keeps it hot so you could remove the grill (use the tongs) and get this washed
and ready to put away.

The barbeque was stable and the only downside was the grill top feels a little
insecure when you’re wrestling stuck food off it – the grill slightly lifts
up which is a little alarming. If it was clipped down then I’d have felt more
confident using it. However overall this is a useful barbeque to take to the
beach or for the occasional barbeque at home in the garden. It is light to carry
and a couple of bags of charcoal don’t weigh you down too much either. By topping
up you could keep this barbeque going for ages. It’s also reusable so better
for the environment than throwing a disposable tray away each time.
For barbequing at the beach this is a great grill to use. The legs will push
easily into the sand making it safe and stable.

After use you can fold it up neatly again after use, so will fit into a corner
of the shed or garage. This makes it ideal if you’ve got limited space and want
something more than a disposable barbeque.

Overall it is a useful barbeque to have on hand for those away day picnics
and barbeques. Being so small to store is a major bonus compared to the size
of bigger charcoal barbeques. For occasional barbeques at home it will prove
useful too – being big enough to feed the family on and easy to use.


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