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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - June 11th, 2010.
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Garden Centre Online reduced the price on these products today

ChapelWood Insect Suet Balls 4 pack
ChapelWood Insect Suet Balls 4 pack was £1.94 now £1.39
4 pack of ChapelWood Insect Suet Balls are high in energy Ideal for all year round feeding to a wide variety of garden visiting birds. Helps birds survive the winter season and busy spring months. Each ball contains high energy suet, dried insects, cracked grains and seeds containing oil. Suitable for use with the Chapelwood suet ball feeder, bird table or on the ground. Pack weight: 400g (approx)

Bayer Garden Baby Bio Houseplant Food 175ml
Bayer Garden Baby Bio Houseplant Food 175ml was £2.29 now £1.75
The original house plant feed, for greener leaves and vibrant colours. Mix with water and pour onto plants. Concentrated – five drops to the pint every time you water. 175ml flask. NPK: 10.6:4.4:1.7
Botanico 10cm Biodegradable Pots 10 Pack
Botanico 10cm Biodegradable Pots 10 Pack was £3.57 now £2.49
Stack of 10 biodegradable pots, the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pots. Unlike peat or fibre pots, these can be re-used. Will last up to 3 years when used inside, up to 2 years outside. Unwanted pots break down quickly and completely into the ground. Made from a combination of natural fibres moulded with a biodegradable binder. Size 10cm diameter.
Suet Fat Balls Bird Food Tub of 50
Suet Fat Balls Bird Food Tub of 50 was £8.99 now £5.99
Year round feeding suet fat balls Great value tub of 50 suet fat balls bird food suitable for feeders, on the ground or on bird tables. Attracts Coal, Blue and Great Tits, Gold Crests, Wrens, Tree Creepers and Nut Hatches to your garden. High energy, helps birds survive the winter season. Large re-usable plastic tub with carrying handle. Ingredients: cereals, seeds (sunflower seeds, sorghum), oils, fats and minerals. Weight: 5.3KG
4 Seat Round Set Cover
4 Seat Round Set Cover was £25.53 now £23.99
Designed to fit over the table when the chairs are pushed underneath. Ideal for furniture that you are unable to take in during the winter season. Protects your garden furniture against weather, pollution and birds. The fabric surface is treated on both sides for improved weather resistance and colourfast forest green material with UV protection. Cover supplied with a reusable zip bag with carry handle for storage when not in use. Size: 1.63m x 0.80m
Joseph Bentley Traditional Long Handled Slasher
Joseph Bentley Traditional Long Handled Slasher was £29.99 now £27.99
Based on proven classic British designs, these superb tools can trace their ancestry back to a fascinating cross over from agriculture labour to the garden.