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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - June 13th, 2010.
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Dobies has these new items today

Citrus Tree Food - Winter 200g
Citrus Tree Food – Winter 200g £4.95
To keep your citrus plants green and healthy, feed them throughout the year. In summer they’ll appreciate our high nitrogen feed to encourage new growth, and in winter our more balanced feed to help flowers and fruit. Simply dissolve in water and apply weekly. 200g.

Vegetable Growing Set 1 Set
Vegetable Growing Set 1 Set £8.95
A useful set that’s ideal for potting up and growing on young vegetable or flower plants. It includes 18 individual square plant pots, plus a growing tray that holds them steady and makes them easy to transport. Also includes a watering tray and capillary matting for easy watering. 55cm (22″) x 30cm (12″) x 11cm (10¼”) high.Buy 3 SAVE £4.00!
Fig Peretta 1 Plant
Fig Peretta 1 Plant £17.95
A first-class fig that will crop well in the UK climate, providing a heavy crop of large, pear-shaped figs from early August right through to early October. Open them to reveal the mouth-watering, bright red-flesh within! The plants are strong-growing and quick to start fruiting and, once mature, will withstand the coldest winters. Supplied in a 13cm pot.If you have a bare south-facing wall on your garage, shed or even your house, then waste it no longer. Figs will not only produce an attractive display of foliage, but also provide a bountiful harvest. They’re very vigorous, so growth should be limited by restricting the roots to a large container (which will also encourage fruit formation). Alternatively they can easily be trained on the wall and pruned to fit the required space. Full growing instructions included. November onward
Damson Merryweather 1 Tree
Damson Merryweather 1 Tree £19.95
A self-fertile damson of medium size and vigour, producing large fruit that are easier to prepare than smaller-fruited damsons. They have a good damson flavour which produces superb, richly flavoured preserves.Grafted on St Julian A rootstock which is semi-dwarfing, providing a medium sized tree of 2-2.5m (7-8′).Buy any two plum, damson or gage trees and SAVE £4.00 (if ordering 4 trees you also save £4.00 on the 4th tree.) Full growing instructions included. November onward
Citrus Plants - Grapefruit 1 Plant
Citrus Plants – Grapefruit 1 Plant £34.95
Made popular in the 19th century, the grapefruit tree boasts attractive dark green leaves, white flowers and round yellow-orange skinned fruits. Supplied as large specimens in 6 litre pots of the same type that are supplied to Spanish citrus farmers, they will begin producing fruit within 18 months.Enjoy the scent and flavour of your very own Mediterranean-style citrus grove! Our varieties boast glossy, dark green foliage and little white flowers that will fill the air with the heady scent of citrus blossom throughout the year and bear fruit from late spring to late summer. The varieties we have chosen are hardy in most parts of the UK (to -5