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Easy Camp Montana Flower Picnic Bag

by Sarah - June 15th, 2010.
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 Montana Flower picnic bagThe picnic bag is a superbly designed bag that can fit everything in you need for your picnic and comes with plastic glasses, plates, knives and forks and spoons. It’s also got a cute chopping board that you can cut bread or cheese on – and a bottle opener and pen knife! As if this wasn’t enough it’s got a very handy bottle carrier than clips to the side of the bag. It can carry a bottle of wine and keep it chilled! If you’re not taking wine then the holder unclips and the clips fasten together so that there’s nothing dangling from the bag. It must have been designed by someone who really loves eating outside in style! It has a roomy main section of the bag for packing all your food and you can also fit some additional items in the glasses section – probably a good place to stash some cakes or bread in here as the structure of the bag ensures it won’t get squished!

This stylish picnic bag is made by Easy Camp and is available in the Montana Flower design in three colours: red, lime or black! I thnk the red is a fantasticly bright cheerful colour! The lime is also bright and very outdoorsy and the black is stylish and smart!

 Montana Flower picnic bag open The corkscrew with built in knife and bottle opening are lovely touches that take this picnic set up another level! You’ll be able to open the wine, cut up cheese or fruit on the bread board too!
It’s a pretty red floral design on the front and it is so lovely that it will be your favourite bag for taking picnics in! There’s a thin pocket on the front of the bag that you could slip a few sweets in for the walk to the picnic area.
If you’re taking a bottle of wine then pack the bag with a bottle of water or squash in the main compartment but on the opposite side. It’s a good idea to keep well hydrated on hot days and it also evens out any weight from the wine.The detachable wine holder is very cleverly designed so that if you unclip it, you can clip the bag straps together – you could even use this for a rolled up blanket so you have something to sit on!

Carrying the bag is easy – you have a choice between wearing it as a backpack or holding it by the top handle. For a long walk to a picnic area, wearing it as a backpack makes brilliant sense. it’s comfortable to wear and makes the carrying of food chore-free. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded making it easy and comfortable to wear. Even loaded up with all your picnic goodies it’s comfortable to carry. It’s straps are curved into an S shape which makes them sit better which makes carrying the load easier.

You can pack enough sandwiches, salad and cakes for a picnic for four and with the cutlery included it’s really quite snazzy and funky. It’s going to be a hit with anyone who enjoys picnicking regularly and perhaps will be enough for those who don’t to enjoy it more! There’s something quite civilised about enjoying a glass of wine on a picnic and these glasses included with the bottle carrier makes it a fantastic idea and very smart!

It’s such a pretty picnic bag than you will suddenly find excuses to use it all the time – perhaps taking lunch at the weekend to the local park, or trips to the beach! It’s a delightfully well equipped picnic bag that holds an enormous amount of food! You will be the envy of everyone who sees you picnicking in such style!