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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - June 16th, 2010.
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Reduced products at GreenFingers

Baby Bio For Herbs
Baby Bio For Herbs was £3.79 now £2.99
Baby Bio for Herbs combined the perfect balance of nutrients for home grown herbs. Encouraging strong healthy growth Baby Bio is suitable for all herbs and promotes optimum taste and aroma. 175ml

Evergreen Complete - 200 sq.m
Evergreen Complete – 200 sq.m was £12.99 now £8.67
Evergreen Complete provides an all-in-one approach to lawn care and is designed to give you a healthier looking lawn in just 7 days. The unique watersmart formula treatment feeds weeds controls moss and supports your lawn
Cuprinol Timbercare - Rich Oak - 6 Litre
Cuprinol Timbercare – Rich Oak – 6 Litre was £9.99 now £8.99
Cuprinol Timbercare Rich Oak is a one coat water-based decorative treatment for rough sawn wood. Timbercare has 30% greater coverage than creosote and 6 times longer lasting colour. Suitable for exterior use only this is both water repellent and weather resistant. Formulation: Water-based Coverage Sawn Wood: 6m
Hozelock Hose Starter Set - 15m
Hozelock Hose Starter Set – 15m was £14.99 now £13.99
A flexible and lightweight hosepipe this Hozelock Hose Starter Set is ideal for general garden use. A 15m hose with a diameter of 12.5mm this hose is constructed from 2 layers of PVC plus 1 layer of braided polyester reinforcement
Hozelock Aqua Control Plus Water Timer
Hozelock Aqua Control Plus Water Timer was £34.99 now £29.99
Hozelock Aqua Control Plus Water Timer is an electronic timer with dial and button programming allowing you to select the current time watering start time watering frequency and watering duration. The large dial allows programmes to be easily selected and program acceptance is confirmed by an audible beep. Any element of the program can be re-set without the need to totally re-program the timer. Connects to tap sizes: 1.2cm (1/2
Hozelock Metal Fitting AquaStorm 2 in 1 XL Sprinkler
Hozelock Metal Fitting AquaStorm 2 in 1 XL Sprinkler was £39.99 now £35.99
Hozelock Metal Aquastorm 2 in1 XL Sprinkler is designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure (1-10 bar). Ideal for lawns and established plants the sprinkler can water a rectangle or a part of a rectangle – adjustment is easy simply slide the red setting rings. The sprinkler is mounted on a stable sled which gives stability gives stability on your lawn or a border. It features an ultra reliable water-powered gear drive motor that operates at all water pressures. There are two spray patterns; first there are 20 jets which give maximum area coverage of approximately 230m2. This is perfect for lawns and established plants. There is also a fine spray for smaller areas such as watering lawn seed seedlings or damping down a greenhouse. Additionally the spray pattern on this sprinkler can be made narrower by turning the red dial which reduces the number of jets in operation. Dimensions: 52 x 14 x 12cm high Coverage: 230m2 3-year guarantee
Hozelock Aqua Control Pro Water Timer and Rain Sensor
Hozelock Aqua Control Pro Water Timer and Rain Sensor was £54.99 now £49.99
Hozelock Aqua Control Pro Water Timer is a versatile and easy-to-operate electronic water timer. With a large interactive LCD screen and tactile buttons any program can be quickly and easily changed while the screen uses the same familiar menu set-up as found on most mobile phones. To help conserve water simply link the timer directly to a remote Rain Sensor which immediately cancels any watering setting once rain is detected. 4 programming methods:One-Touch for immediate watering A choice of 13 pre-set programs Watering Wizard