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Camping Heater from Outwell

by Sarah - June 18th, 2010.
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Outwell Fan HeaterIf you go camping regularly then you’ll know that it can get a bit cold sometimes at night in the tent! If you’re at a site with an electrical hook up then you can use a heater specially designed for camping from Outwell to warm you up!

The Fan Heater from Outwell is a compact upright fan heat. It can be set to oscillate and this is useful for covering a wider area rather than concentrating heat in just one place. It has two heat settings – 750 and 1500W. This means it’s economical to run and a good idea having two settings for those evenings when it’s not very cold, plus a higher heat setting for colder nights. The low setting
is useful for cooler summer nights when it’s just that little too cold to be comfortable. The thermostat ensures you can decide how warm you want to get and is easy to use.
It’s a great camping heater with lots of useful features! It’s power light shows as lit when it’s plugged in and switch on the heater for either the fan or heat the other light comes on. The fan isn’t too noisy and you can have a conversation next to it without any bother at all.
It has good air flow and a filter cover that can be taken off at the back of the fan to ensure that any bits of camping debris are removed easily! This is worth doing when you put it away after each camping trip! It saves you having to remember to check it before use too!
With a special feature of a device that cuts it off instantly if it’s not on a level surface, so if it gets knocked over then it will automatically stop. This is a useful safety feature if you’ve got boisterous animals or children! The safety feature on it is a compelling one – a heater knocked over and not spotted could quickly overheat causing a fire. The outwell model switches off as soon as it’s not on the ground properly! With its stepless thermostat with auto turn off and an overheating safety function. This auto turn off means when it gets to the temperature you’ve chosen it will switch off! The stepless thermometer means you can pick any setting rather than having predetermined one – the control works in a smooth way. With the dual heating settings too you can make sure you’re not going to overheat!
The oscillating feature works well and helps a space warm up more evenly rather than blasting heat just in one direction. Size wise this compact heater doesn’t take up too much room at only 27cm high and a diameter of 18 cm. It’s a nice looking device too – being round and smooth looking with silver and dark grey casing!
Whilst this fan shouldn’t be used outside it is camping safe! You will need access to an Electric Hook Up (EHU) in then it’ll be just perfect for allowing you to go camper during cooler weather! It’ll be good in caravans too and even at home it can be a useful fan in summer and a gentle heater as it gets colder.
With the ability to be used as a normal fan too this makes it a dual purpose device that you will find yourself using on hot days for the cooling draft it creates as well as the heating aspect as the evenings cool! The Outwell Fan Heater is a perfect heater for those who like some of the comforts of home whilst in a tent!