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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - June 19th, 2010.
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Blooming Direct just added these new products

Gardman Cat-Gard
Gardman Cat-Gard £25.95
This product emits a high frequency signal designed to deter cats. It’s inaudible to humans and will not deter dogs, other pets or wildlife. It will protect an area of approximately 200 square metres in an oval pattern and will help protect birds, wildlife, fishponds and gardens. The pack includes a power supply, 1 x 7.5 volt adaptor with 10 metres of cable. APPROVED BY BSA (Birdcare Standards Association)

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum Peace Lily £15.95
The peace lily is the perfect indoor plant as it loves low light conditions and absorbs impurities in the air such as those released by paint and cleaning fluids, and even cigarette smoke and car fumes and replaces them with pure oxygen. The plants gentle white flowers contrast beautifully with the rich dark green foliage giving an elegant contemporary feel which will look great anywhere in the home.
Baby Robin Watering Can
Baby Robin Watering Can £14.95
Each watering can is hand crafted and shaped in India by highly skilled metal workers. A natural consequence of this form is that each watering can is unique and complete with minor blemishes and bumps! Also makes a great garden ornament.