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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - June 20th, 2010.
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Reduced price on products today at Crocus

poppy was £6.49 now £4.99
Position: full sunSoil: well-drained, preferably poor soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: June to August Hardiness: hardy annualThe upright stems carrying the flowerbuds snake up from amongst softly hairy grey-green foliage in summer and split open to reveal deep red petals, each with a black spot at its base. These vibrant flowers form big bowls of colour on their upright stems, and as the petals drop, it becomes a vivid carpet. Ideal for a sunny wildflower garden or meadow, where it will self-seed freely. Garden care: If you do not want them to set seed, then you should remove the spent flowers as they fade.

snapdragon was £6.49 now £4.99
Position: full sunSoil: moderately fertile, well-drained soilRate of growth: fast Flowering period: June to September Flower colour: deep crimsonOther features: good cut-flowersHardiness: hardy annualThe intense deep burgundy flowers look like velvet and sit on top of dark green, bronze-tinted foliage, and attract bees like a magnet. This is a very versatile plant that will look equally at home mixed with grasses in a prairie style setting, or jostling for attention in a cottage garden. Try mixing it with lime green flowers for an impressive but shocking combination – not for the faint hearted! Get set for a long flowering period, especially if you keep deadheading the spent blooms. Alternatively cut a few stems when about a third of the flowers are open and they will last for ages inside. This is a short-lived perennial, which is usually grown as an annual, but if grown in a sunny spot with well drained soil it will usually last a few years.Garden Care: To collect seeds, and guarantee new stock, allow the seedpods to dry on the plant and then break them open to gather the bounty.
rose campion
rose campion was £8.99 now £6.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: fertile, moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: July to AugustFlower colour: magenta pink flushd with whiteHardiness: fully hardyDazzling, disc shaped, magenta pink flowers which fade to white at the centre and have pinkish-purple veining, appear on slender, branching stems in late summer above clumps of down-covered, silvery leaves. This cultivar was collected by the MESE expedition (Alpine Garden Society expedition to Macedonia and Epiros) in 1999. It is an ideal plant for the middle of a sunny, well drained border and if the spent blooms are dead-headed regularly, it will prolong the flowering period. It is usually longer lived than many of the other rose campions, especially when it is grown in a gritty soil.Garden care: Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted compost around the base of the plant in early-spring. Cut back the faded flowerheads in late autumn after they have released their seed.It is worth keeping in mind that these plants are short lived perennials or bi-ennial, so although they usually self-seed freely, the plant will only live for a couple of years.
button eryngo
button eryngo was £7.99 now £6.99
Position: full sunSoil: moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: average Flowering period: July to September Flower colour: steel blue, whitish or greenOther features: interesting foliageHardiness: fully hardyAn evergreen Eryngium, which forms a clump of bluish-green, strap-shaped leaves that have a serrated and spiny edge. In mid summer and autumn, upright, branching flowerspikes emerge bearing rounded or oval shaped flower clusters, which turn shades of greyish-blue, cream or green as they open. A variable plant, which originates from the Eastern States of the US, it is tolerant of poor soil and drought once established.Garden care: Lift and divide large colonies in spring. Avoid the temptation to cut back the flowerheads in autumn as they provide interest in the winter garden.
Siberian iris
Siberian iris was £7.99 now £6.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: well-drained, moderately fertile soilRate of growth: average Flowering period: May and June Flower colour: violet blueOther features: all parts of the plant may cause severe discomfort if ingested; contact with the sap may cause skin irritationHardiness: fully hardyThe slender upright, grey-green foliage has a sense of refinement, which is only enhanced when the beautiful, lavender-blue, flag-like flowers (with violet falls) appear on upright stems in early summer. These irises make excellent and long lasting cut flowers. Allow to form large clumps or drifts throughout a sunny border for best effect.Garden care: Plant shallowly with the upper part of the rhizome sitting on the surface of the soil, incorporating a low-nitrogen fertiliser in the planting hole. After planting remove the upper-most third of the leaves to minimise the incidence of wind rock. In exposed areas stake with bamboo canes in early spring.
hotspot-urban-550-brazier-barbecue was £129.99 now £119.99
The new Urban Firepit include a stainless steel protective bar, hinged cooking grill and spark guard. The Firepits combine warmth with light; they are functional, great fun, and very attractive. Powered by either charcoal or wood.Size: 550 dia x 400 (mm)Weight: 11 kg
dancook-9000-charcoal-barbecue-brazier was £149.99 now £144.99
A beautifully designed all-rounder, which is a very stylish way to heat your patio on cooler evenings. It is a safer option when using around children, as the edges of the brazier don’t heat up, which also means it easy to move about. Made from rust-proof stainless steel with an aluminium frame, it also comes with a heavy duty steel grill, which instantly turns it into a good sized barbeque. A high quality bit of kit, which is built to last, it can burn either charcoal or wood for fuel.For more images, just click on the top picture and browse through. Dimensions:Height: 50 cmDiameter: 71.5 cm