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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - June 23rd, 2010.
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Lots of new items added today at Thompson & Morgan

Garlic : Grow All Your Own Collection 10 bulbs + 5 cloves
Garlic : Grow All Your Own Collection 10 bulbs + 5 cloves £19.99
Easy to raise and so good for you! Separate into individual cloves and plant just below the surface in late winter/early spring. Collection comprises 1 bulb each of the following autumn planting varieities: Albigensian Wight – A new introduction originating from SW France Chesnok Red – Middle Eastern hardneck variety Sicilian Red Germidour – Well-known and reliable softneck variety Iberian Wight – Producing large, flat, white-skinned bulbs Lautrec Wight – A classic hardneck Messidrome – Softneck variety producing large white bulbs Picardy Wight – Produces strong flavoured bulbs with long storage potential Wight Cristo – Pure white bulbs with an elegant bouquet Purple Moldovan Wight – Vigorous hardneck which can each produce 5–8 large, fat cloves PLUS 5 cloves of Elephant Garlic.

Peony - Tree Peony Wu Long Peng Sheng 2 bareroot plants
Peony – Tree Peony Wu Long Peng Sheng 2 bareroot plants £17.99
Beautiful pink ruffled petals adorn this fantastic peony, it’s bright yellow centre contrasting brilliantly with the bright blooms. There are very few plants that can compete with a tree peony in full bloom. A mature plant can boast in excess of a hundred flowers, and these can each be 25cm (10in) or more in diameter! Growing to 4 to 5 feet tall, these exceptional tree peonies will continue to bloom for a lifetime. Very frost hardy and resistant to disease.Supplied as high quality, 3 year old bareroot plants with 3-4 strong branches.
Blackberry : Karaka Black 3 plants in 9cm pots
Blackberry : Karaka Black 3 plants in 9cm pots £17.99
These mammoth-sized, dark black shiny berries are firm and easy to pick, and are some of the largest fruits we have ever seen. Non-thornless plants produce a good crop of excellent flavour that can be picked over a very long season from early July onwards. Downy mildew resistant. Our 1 year old plants are container grown rather than field grown to provide you with stronger, superior quality plants. These berries are easy to grow and will quickly establish and reward you with some flavoursome fruits to add to desserts or make your own jams.
Tulip Guiding Light 10 bulbs + 5 FREE
Tulip Guiding Light 10 bulbs + 5 FREE £17.98
Light up your garden with this new tulip! Double blooms start out as a soft, orange before transforming into a bright tangerine hue! Tulip Guiding Light is named in honour of Cancer Campaign in Suffolk – a charity that offers information, emotional support and complementary therapies to cancer patients and their families. We will donate £1 from every pack of 5 bulbs sold and £2 from every pack of 10 bulbs + 5 FREE sold. CCIS is not affiliated to any national charity, and as a charity working and based in the same county as T&M we are proud to be supporting them. For more information about CCIS visit
Dicentra Valentine 3 bareroot plants
Dicentra Valentine 3 bareroot plants £17.98
The first Bleeding Heart with complementary dark red stems. Dicentra Valentine will be the star of your spring border, right from the moment the plum-coloured, fern-like foliage pushes through the soil, or why not try it in large patio pots? Wherever you plant this delicate specimen you can expect its gracious return every spring.
Clematis Romantika 3 plants in 7cm pots
Clematis Romantika 3 plants in 7cm pots £16.99
We know how popular black flowers are, but have you ever seen a black clematis before? Shimmering, deepest purple blooms adorn this vigorous and easy to grow climber. Black Clematis Romantika will look stunning in beds and borders.
Delphinium Red Arrows Mixture 2 plants in 9cm pots
Delphinium Red Arrows Mixture 2 plants in 9cm pots £16.99
Be the envy of your gardening friends by growing our extra special selection of the very best red and deepest pink delphiniums! Delphinium Red Arrows Mixture is a strong border plant with two flushes of eye-catching flower spikes – your plants will be supplied from a mix of reds, corals, oranges and magenta.
Tulip Rembrandt Mixed 30 bulbs
Tulip Rembrandt Mixed 30 bulbs £16.99
Here’s a tulip blend to get you really excited! One of the oldest strains in the gardening trade; their exotic, almost hand-painted blooms come in a carnival of colours. The long, strong stems of Tulip Rembrandt Mixed make them suitable for use as cut flowers.
Tulip Belicia 30 bulbs
Tulip Belicia 30 bulbs £15.99
Fringed, bicolour AND peony-flowered – what more could you want from a tulip? This fine specimen is a fantastic variety for pots and borders. Treat yourself to Tulip Belicia this spring!