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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - June 24th, 2010.
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New products at Blooming Direct

Gardman Electric Heated Propagator
Gardman Electric Heated Propagator £26.29
Create an ideal environment for your plants with this electric propagator increasing the growth of seeds or cuttings. Comes complete with 2 trays and capillary matting. This unit is economical and has a 12w heater. The lid that attaches to this unit has vents fitted to control humidity. The size of this is 39cm x 25cm x 20cm.

Gardman Mole Gard
Gardman Mole Gard £19.57
This battery operated sonic device will keep moles out of your garden and protects an unobstructed area of 1,000 square feet. It is environmentally friendly, no more traps or poisons, and is not audible to humans once it is inserted into the ground and will not deter pets. It uses 4 x 1.5v D cell batteries which will last up to 6 months.
Gardman Rodent-Gard
Gardman Rodent-Gard £13.41
This product is a battery operated, ultrasonic device that will keep mice and rats out of homes, garages, outbuildings, sheds and greenhouses. It is environmentally friendly, uses no poisons or traps and is inaudible to humans and other pets (other than mice!) It will protect up to 2,500 square feet and uses on 9v PP3 battery (not supplied) which will last up to 6 months.
Cordyline Red Star (New Zealand Cabbage Palm) x 5 plants
Cordyline Red Star (New Zealand Cabbage Palm) x 5 plants £12.50
This Cordyline is an evergreen exotic looking shrub with bronze – red leaves, a lovely architectural plant for growing in containers and borders. Cordyline are grown for foliage although this has decorative white flowers. Needs fertile, well drained soil.
Gardman Leaf and Grass Collector
Gardman Leaf and Grass Collector £5.87
Just the job for picking up leaves and grass! This pack of two has hand straps for scooping up grass and leaves.
Gardman 5 Metre Tape Measure
Gardman 5 Metre Tape Measure £5.85
This tape measure has a 19mm nylon coated blade for glide and clean and thumb operated lock, forefinger operated brake. It comes with a belt clip and wrist cord.
Gardman Trimmer Line - Red
Gardman Trimmer Line – Red £5.57
These trimmer lines are made from quality nylon for durability and cutting efficiency. White – 1.3mm x 30m – lightweight manual feed electric trimmers Blue – 1.6mm x 30m – medium duty automatic feed electric trimmers Green – 2.0mm x 20m – lightweight petrol and HD electric trimmers Yellow – 2.4mm x 20m – medium duty petrol trimmers 23cc – 35cc Red – 3.0mm x 15m – heavy duty petrol trimmers PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED THE CORRECT LINE FOR YOUR MACHINE.
Gardman Tool Hooks - Double
Gardman Tool Hooks – Double £5.56
These electro plated steel hooks are for wall storage of tools in gardensheds, garages and workshops.
Half Seed Tray (10)
Half Seed Tray (10) £5.09
This pack of ten seed trays can be used with our seed tray lids to give your seeds the very best start in life.