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The Hug Rug – a revolution in door mats

by Sarah - June 24th, 2010.
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The Hug Rug is a remarkable door mat! It’s soft and pretty yet does one of the toughest cleaning jobs in your home!

As every gardener knows muddy shoes from the garden is something you have to live with! Even in hot dry weather the plants need watering and weeding and it’s inevitable that your shoes will get dirty! How many times have you been shouted at for walking across the clean kitchen floor in your gardening shoes? Too many! And now it’s possible to put an end to that!

This doormat is amazing. It’s quite magical! When you unroll it and put it on the floor the first thing you’ll notice is how soft it is! You don’t expect door mats to be soft at all – having a door mat has always meant having one of those bristly ones! The second thing you’ll notice is how well it grips the floor! I threw the mat onto the floor and went to nudge it with my foot and found I couldn’t! This mat grips the floor in a way I’ve never seen other mats do! Instantly this puts an end to the constant readjusting of doormats that you need to do with a horrible bristly doormat as they move across the floor from just being walked on!

Hug rug It traps virtually all of the dirt off your shoes – and leaves them clean and dry! This means walking in from the garden is not going to get you in trouble any more! The mat really seems to grip your shoes – not ripping them off, but making sure they make good contact with your foot to ensure it’s cleaned off. It’s so much more positive a contact than you get from other types of door mat you will instantly feel the difference and you will understand how it cleans your shoes and boots so well!

Testing this mat involved watering the garden and walking on the vegetable patch to bring in some mud. The rug cleans the sole of the shoe off and means you don’t leave footprints across the floor! The rug is washable too, simple put it in the washer on a cool wash and then hang it out to dry. To bring up the fluff just a few minutes in a tumble dryer is needed to get this rug looking new again!

Compared to bristle traditional door mats it’s a pleasure to have in the house. It’s light and easy to pick up – with no harsh bristles to scratch you. It doesn’t leak dust on to the floor underneath like an old fashioned style door mat, and of course it can be washed or vacuumed! Staying where you put it means it’s in a league of it’s own too! But of course It’s main feature of course is it’s ability to clean the soles of your shoes off and of course it looks lovely!

It’s big enough that the dog and cat will have to walk over it too and because it’s soft they will be happy to sit on it! There’s a number of designs for pet owners too! It’s non slip backing with multi studs will stop the mat creeping across the floor when your pets run over it! If you currently spend time each day moving the door mat back to where it should be then a hug rug is going to be just what you need to solve that problem!

The Hug Rug hugs your shoes and gets them clean! It’s fully recyclable too and instructions on that are included on the base of the rug. If you’re after a rug that won’t shift and slide about. This rug will clean your shoes and help reduce the cleaning you need to do in your home, leaving you more time to spend in the garden.

It’s available in a number of lovely designs that will appeal to everyone and they have four designs especially to appeal to gardeners. It’s a pretty rug that you could buy as a present for anyone! Available at various retailers including John Lewis and Lakeland! – for stockists see the HugRug web site
It’s an eco-friendly product and can be recycled too! The hug rug is made in the UK too making it a great gift for those who like to buy British!