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Gorilla Glues and tape

by Sarah - June 26th, 2010.
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Gorilla Glue have a whole range of glues and sticking products designed to help you whatever you need sticking.
I’ll stop monkeying about now and tell you a bit about the glues I’ve tested!

Glue is something everyone needs from time to time. It’s great for the environment and your budget to repair items in your home rather than just chuck them away and buy new – so Gorilla Glue’s range can really help you.

They have a wide range of products including Gorilla Super Glue. Just as you’d expect it’s a fast drying but it’s also thicker than conventional superglue which means it stays where you put it! This is a fantastic product that means you can now glue on upright things. If you’ve been putting off a repair because you’re worried about glue going everywhere then use Gorilla Super Glue! It’s viscosity means it’ll stay where you put it and it’s always going to be there for you. It’s got a unique design to the cap so that it ensure the nozzle stays clean. The anti-clog tip has a metal pin on it which ensures when you need your glue it’s going to be of use to you! This is such a good idea – as any one knows who’s used superglue in a normal contain it’s likely to gum up and you can’t get any out! That’s not going to happen with this!

It’ll stick a wide range of materials including wood, metal, ceramics, and rubber. It will glue some plastics too! Because it dries quickly it doesn’t need clamping – you can just hold things in place! It’s got rubber in the glue which means it’s not as brittle as other super glues and can take more knocks to it meaning your repairs will last longer. It’s got a blue lid so you can easily identify it apart from the other glues in the gorilla range!

The Gorilla tape is designed to stick to uneven and rough surfaces! This means it has more uses than standard duct tape which requires a smooth surface! It’s been designed so that it sticks rough, uneven surfaces such as like wood, stone, plaster, and brick! It achieves this by having an extra thick layer of adhesive so that it can fill the gaps on uneven surfaces. It’s very tough stuff and you’ll find plenty of uses for it in the garden from patching up damaged plant pots, to repairing lids on your compost bin. Anything that needs holding down or onto something else can be fixed together with this tape.

The tape can be used for repairs as well as fixing together items.

Gorilla Glue can be used for sorting out all those little jobs around the house like loose chair struts or legs and even for sticking bits of concrete back together! I’ve got a great test for this! When our back step was put together the top flag ended up having a bit chipped out of it. We have kept the chip intending at some point to find a way of fixing it back on! Well Gorilla Glue promises that it can do just that so it’s going to be put to the test! You can use the gorilla tape to hold things in place whilst the glue sets. This is a great use for the tape and is considerably easier than trying to get a clamp on things!

Gorilla Glue RepairThis first picture shows everything together that is needed to sort the step out. It’s important with all DIY projects to get everything to hand at the start of the job, especially where glue is involved. The gorilla glue requires surfaces to be damped down – so the chip and step area to be fixed have been damped using the water sprayer shown.
Gorilla glue is applied and the chipped piece of concrete put in place. It’s fixed down with some gorilla tape so the glue can set. As the glue sets it exapnds, so firmly fixing together the pieces is a good idea. On their website they show you how to do this when repairing various things like chair legs and stone cladding!

Tape removed and the chip is now well fixed back on the step and you can barely notice that it was ever gone! This glue is remarkable stuff enabling you to repair more things than you can imagine! It’s simple to use too and will repair just abouts anything! The Gorilla Glue website is well worth a look for ideas and projects you can use the glue for!

Adding Gorilla Glue to your tool kit and you won’t regret it! It’s got a wide range of applications and you’ll find that it does everything and more than you could want from a glue or tape!