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Perfect lawn

by Sarah - June 29th, 2010.
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I was going to start doing a another “identifying weeds in your lawn” article when it suddenly came to me that most people don’t care what the weeds are – they are only interested in a perfect lawn! For that you do not need to know the names of any of the wild plants growing rampant in the lawn – only how to get rid of them!

The most effective way of getting a great lawn is to remove the old one and put in some lovely new turf!

Rolawn Direct have everything you need to achieve the perfect lawn too!

They have two main types of turf –
Rolawn Medallion® Turf which is a mult-purpose turf that’s hardwearing and a lovely quality and a healthy shade of green! This is an adaptable and low maintenance turf well suited to the climate in the UK.

Rolawn Minster Pro® Turf which is a fine bladed turf for a superior looking lawn. It is ideal for formal gardens and feature lawns. Shade and drought tolerant.

So how much turf do you need? Rolawn Direct have a turf calculator that needs to know the area of the lawn. If you have a complicated lawn shape then split it into rectangles for measuring – or if you have a front lawn and a back lawn that need calculating their turf calculator can manage and add it all up for you.

So when can you lay turf? All year round – but be prepared to rolled out turf immediately in spring or summer and within 24 hours of delivery in the autumn/winter. Leaving turf rolled up will not be good for it – the grass pales and eventually dies.

What turf should I use if I live near the sea? Rolawn Minster Pro® Turf is salt tolerant – ideal for coastal areas.

Can turf survive a drought? Apart from when it’s newly laid the turf should be resistant to dry spells. Rolawn Minster Pro® Turf has deep rooted grass cultivars which give it excellent drought tolerance and year round colour.

I have kids and pets – what turf should I buy? Rolawn Medallion® Turf is very resilient and hardwearing.

How often should I mow the lawn? When it needs doing – under stressful conditions (hot weather and drought) the lawn will not grow very much, so you shouldn’t need to cut it. During the summer it is ok to do the occaisional cut without the box and allow the cuttings to stay on the lawn where they will acts as a mulch and help the lawn cope during dry spells.

Rolawndirect, leading suppliers of turf, topsoil, bark, lawn seed and lawn food

Rolawn has great quality turf and topsoil. They offer tons of advice on lawn care and will help you get the best looking lawn possible!