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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - July 7th, 2010.
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Crocus has cut the price of these items

hozelock-double-male-connector was £1.99 now £1.69
Double-ended male connector allowing two lengths of hose equipped with female connectors to be joined.

de-wit-hand-spork was £22.99 now £19.99
Part of a unique and exclusive collection from De Wit.Multi tasking hand tool featuring combined trowel/fork/hoe. This tool will carry soil like a trowel, cultivate like a fork, and hoe with its sharpened blade.Combined fork / trowel / hoeUse for planting small/medium plantsWeeding pots & plantersHoeing small areasCut roots & sift soilUnique engineered narrow blades between the tinesThe Dutch are rightly regarded as makers of the finest gardening tools. The two best are Sneeboer and de Wit. Sneeboer were founded in 1913, but De Wit dates back to1898. The 4th generation of De Wits now run the business; one is a trained wood turner, the other trained as a blacksmith. Both Sneeboer and De Wit use traditional techniques, but different materials. Sneeboer use stainless steel and de Wit use carbon steel. Carbon Steel is naturally tougher than Stainless steel and is not prone to metal fatigue like Stainless Steel.De Wit burnish their steel. This not only helps to protect it for longer but gives it a patina that blackens it – just like traditional English tools from the Edwardian era.All De Wit tools have turned hardwood handles of oiled Ash. Ash is not only very strong but resists shock better than woods like oak or beech, which is why it is always used for Axe handles.The result is a beautiful tool to hold in the hand but rugged and durable.They feel so natural to use that they are like an extension of theperson that uses them. These tools will give you a lifetime of use, until you hand them on.SizeHead: 15cm long x 12cm wide (6 ” x 4.75″)Total Length: 28cm long (11)Recommended Best Buy in BBC Gardeners World Magazine – September 2008
victorian-style-glass-bell-jar was £22.99 now £19.99
The Glass Bell Jar is a faithful reproduction of the original, hand made from glass in the traditional way. Bell Jars make a delightful decorative gift and offer very practical uses around the home for food covering, fruit ripening, and over house plants and keepsakes. They can be used for plant protection in and around the garden, providing useful and elegant points of interest.Sizes:Small – Height: 20cm (8in) x Diameter 20cm (8iin)Medium – Height: 25cm (10in) x Diameter 25cm (10in)Large – Height: 30cm (1ft) x Diameter 30cm (1ft)
hozelock-standard-soaker-hose was £34.49 now £22.99
Waters beds and borders without waste. This porous hose is ideal for establishing young plants and hedges. Supplied complete with System 2 connectors which allow several hose lengths to be connected in series.
de-wit-spork-d-handle was £66.99 now £58.99
We believe that the Spork is destined to become one of the must-have garden tools and will become an essential part of every gardener’s tool collection. In October 2008 it was voted ‘Testers’ favourite’ by ‘Which? Gardening’ magazine.In the ‘Which? Gardening’ trial the Spork was pitched against 9 other border tools by a team of professional gardeners. The trial was conducted over 4 weeks and all tools were assessed for a range of tasks: loosening and turning soil, clearing weeds and planting perennials and shrubs. Seven of the eight Which? testers would happily buy a Spork and 3 would even swap their conventional spade for one. The serrated cutting edge was sharp and easily cut through soil and small roots. The Spork is good for digging, planting and turf edging.