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How to really relax in the garden with a Homedics Outdoor Massage Mat

by Sarah - July 12th, 2010.
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HoMedics Outdoor Massage MatTake the massage mat, undo the velcro fastener and unroll it. Lay it out on your lounger, put batteries in and then lay down and hit the on button. You get to pick which massage type you want first. Try them all, they offer different patterns of massage and you’ll find them invigorating! Change the type and the intensity of the massage. Feel your back being massaged, your tops of your legs and your calf muscles will also benefit from the massaging action. The pulse is a regular beat of massage action that sooths your muscles. The wave goes between muscle sets and relaxes and unwinds you in a fantastically soothing way. The full massage does all your muscles at once. Relax and change the massage type using the simple control unit. The instructions are easy and simple to follow. You’ll finish your 15 minute massage feeling like you’re raring to go again!

Homedics Outdoor Massage Mat is designed to be used on your garden furniture outside. It’s a revolutionary idea! Indoor massage chairs and mats have been available for a while but using them outdoors has not been a possibility.
It’s a perfect way of relaxing and enjoying your garden! You will find that this massage is just what you need after a hard day at the office, or a hard afternoon of mowing or weeding the garden!

6 massage motors make this mat perfect for a relaxing and invigorating massage. Just think of the possibilities – relax after gardening, chill out after work, lay back on the patio lounger and enjoy the summer sunshine, all whilst having an invigorating massage! Doesn’t that sound perfect?

The Homedics mat comes in it’s own bag. It is very easy to carry and light too. You’d certainly not mind carrying it with you on short trips! Take it round to friends when you’re going for an afternoon so you can show off your fantastic massage mat!

Make sure you read the instructions, but it’s so simple to use after you’ve put in batteries you will find the simple controller easy to understand and use. It’s got lights on, so you can lay back and relax without the need for your reading glasses – you can see the intensity indicator easily. It defaults to the middle setting when you switch it off, so you might want to adjust it to full or more gentle. You will feel your muscles after using this – it is quite invigorating and you’ll feel like you’ve got some more energy to do some more gardening!

You do need to use this on a chair or on a sun-lounger ideally. It’s perfect for unwinding after a hard day at the office, or a hard day gardening! Relax and unwind and let the gentle massaging action sooth your shoulders and back muscles with a variety of actions. The pulse option works in pulses in a rhythmic fashion. The wave goes between locations offering you a brief massage before moving on the the next set of muscles. The full option does it all at once! Try them all out! They are quite different sensations and you might find you prefer one over another. The full is relaxing but leaves you feeling full of energy! Adjust the mat if it doesn’t feel like it’s in the right place.

Homedics have designed this outdoor massager to work on AA batteries! This is a remarkable achievement when you find out how good the massaging action is. There are certain rules to follow – firstly, don’t use it in the wet! This is only sensible advice – after all you wouldn’t be outside in the rain, but also wipe down any seats if they’ve got water on them before you put the mat down.

Strapping it to your seat is done with it’s built in strap and then you can lie down and relax. The controller has it’s own holder attached too so it won’t dangle or tangle when you’re putting it away. You can use the massager for up to 15 minutes at a time.

Testing the massage mat out is a pleasure! It’s very relaxing to lay back and feel the intensity of the massage change on the wave option – up and down your body, you can hear it pulsing away but in a relaxing way! Shoulders, back and legs all take their turn on this setting. There are three different settings. Pulse, wave and all. With three speed settings too it gives you plenty of opportunity to find the perfect settings for your ideal massage.

The Homedics massage mat is made from a strong fabric that will resist water and mould, whilst still being comfortable to lie on even when not using the massager. It’ll fit your outdoor furniture whatever style of lounge you have. It’s light enough to take away with you on holiday too – and that means you can relax on the beach or by the side of the pool whilst enjoying a lovely relaxing massage.

Having a massage from this homedics mat will relax and unwind you, making you forget the cares of the day. It’s a fantastic way of relaxing and getting some time to yourself. Once you’ve chilled out for the maximum 15 minutes you can switch it off, and carry on relaxing! This is a great gift for someone who loves a massage and spending time in their garden! They can take it on holiday with them and enjoy a holiday packed with relaxing!