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Mantis Tiller offer

by Sarah - July 16th, 2010.
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Mantis 4-Stroke TillerMantis UK

This is a light but powerful garden tool that will become indispensable to you the more you use it. It’s got a FIVE-YEAR warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the tines against breakage so you can be sure it’s of good quality!

  • FREE Border Edger Attachment and Kickstand when you purchase the Mantis
    4-Stroke Honda-Powered Tiller/Cultivator. Plus FREE Owners Video.
  • One year in-home trial; money back guarantee
  • Perfect for raised beds, and gardens of all sizes.
  • Digs down 10 inches.
  • Easy to start, easy to operate.
  • No fuel mixing required!!
  • So small and compact you can use it anywhere.
  • Cuts through hard sod, compact soil or tangly weeds.
  • Fun to use!
  • Weed a 30′ x 40′ garden in just 20 minutes!
  • Fold-down handles for convenient storage.
  • Great optional attachments and accessories available.
  • Fold-down handles for convenient storage.
  • So versatile, you’ll use it throughout the entire gardening season.

Mantis UK