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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - July 17th, 2010.
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Reduced price on items today at GreenFingers

Chapelwood Song Thrush Food 900 g
Chapelwood Song Thrush Food 900 g was £3.49 now £1.74
A Song Thrush is able to repeat sounds that it hears in nature making it an intriguing and a distinctively sounding bird. This Song Thrush Food mix is rich in flaked barley sunflower hearts peanut nibs and currants all firm favourites it can be used all year round to give your feathery friends a valuable nutritional boost. 900g pack.

Yeoman Premium Indoor Houseplant /Herb Tool Kit
Yeoman Premium Indoor Houseplant /Herb Tool Kit was £6.49 now £2.99
This Yeoman Premium Indoor Houseplant Kit makes a perfect gift for any keen gardener and is great value for money! Ideal for indoor gardening tasks these tools have oak handles and stainless steel heads for years of use. Complete with a canvas bag which has room for other gardening accessories such as gloves (not included) this really is a useful set! This Kit Includes: 1 x Trowel – 18.5 cm long 1 x Secateurs – 18cm long 1 x Potting Trowel – 18.5cm long 1 x Cultivator – 15.5cm long 1 x Spray Bottle – 17cm high 1 x Canvas Bag This Premium Indoor Houseplant Kit has a combined retail price of
Chapelwood Standard Feeder Twin Pack
Chapelwood Standard Feeder Twin Pack was £5.99 now £4.49
This simple 12
Chapelwood Bird Food - Premium Seed 5kg
Chapelwood Bird Food – Premium Seed 5kg was £5.99 now £4.99
Watch and see as birds return to your garden and enjoy these seeds.This Premium Seed mix is a specially selected blend of the finest quality seeds and grains available which are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.This particular mix will provide a complete balanced dietary supplement and is ideal for all round feeding. 5kg bag
Chapelwood Bird Food - Premium Peanuts 2kg
Chapelwood Bird Food – Premium Peanuts 2kg was £5.99 now £4.99
Attract a range of birds with these Premium Wild Bird peanuts which are rich in fibre oils and protein which will attract the widest variety of garden visiting birds.For increased quality they are presented in a Stay Fresh foil lined bagThese are ideal for all year round feeding; providing a balanced dietary supplement for the highly active spring / summer months and to survive the long cold winter months. Young birds can easily choke on whole peanuts; therefore from April to September whole peanuts should only be fed from a peanut feeder.All Chapelwood peanuts are aflatoxin tested. 2kg bag
Chapelwood Hedgehog Food Mix 1.5kg
Chapelwood Hedgehog Food Mix 1.5kg was £5.10 now £4.99
Attract hedgehogs with this formulated hedgehog mix which is in a Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality.1.5kg
Chapelwood Duck and Swan Food 1.1kg
Chapelwood Duck and Swan Food 1.1kg was £5.10 now £4.99
If you want to feed your local ducks and swans this is the ideal food for you to take with you! It contains floating biscuits of wheat whole maize fish meat soya oil and minerals – a real variety to give a balanced diet and is a novelty as you don
Chapelwood Squirrel Food 1.5kg
Chapelwood Squirrel Food 1.5kg was £5.10 now £4.99
This Squirrel Food has been specially formulated for squirrels that visit your garden; they are cute creatures and it is lovely to see them scurrying around often looking for food. This premium food is what you could be feeding them; there is no reason why a plethora of wildlife should not be enticed into your garden at once! Who knows you might be lucky enough to see a red squirrel. 1.5kg bag
Greenfingers Full Back Cushion - Dark Green
Greenfingers Full Back Cushion – Dark Green was £9.99 now £6.99
Relax on your garden chair in comfort thanks to Greenfingers Full Back Cushion which is dark green in colour and easy to attach due to the straps which fit around your chair. Made from polyester this is perfect for the garden as it is very resilient and quick drying.44cm wide x 93cm highPlease note the chair pictured is not included.

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