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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - July 30th, 2010.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Robomow RL2000 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
Robomow RL2000 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £1899.00
The Robomow RL2000 is part of Robomow’s latest generation of fantastic automatic lawn mowers. All you have to do is layout the perimeter-wire, programme your desired start time and the mower will automatically leave its docking station at the time you’ve designated. This top-of-the range model has a very generous 53cm working-width, making it ideal for larger-scale domestic use; and it’s equipped with knobbly tyres, so it’s great for lawns with slopes or areas of rough ground. The Robomow RL2000 uses a three-blade mulching system to produce a really neat finish with no need to collect and dispose of cuttings. It has an adjustable mowing-height (26 – 63mm), so you can make changes to suit the conditions; and it features an operator-controlled disabling and theft-protection system.

Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £1099.00
Combining engineering excellence with exceptional cutting-performance, it’s no wonder the Robomow is the world’s best-selling automatic lawn mower. The Robomow RL555 can be pre-programmed to leave its base-station and mow a designated area of lawn at any time of day or night, leaving you to get on with things you’d rather be doing. Its generous 53cm width-of-cut allows it to cover a larger lawn (up to 600m2) on a single charge; and it three-blade mulching system ensures a superior finish with no need to collect and dispose of cuttings. This high-performance machine is supplied with two powerful 24v batteries; and is equipped with an alarm and user-controlled theft protection. An optional remote control is available for manual operation.
Robomow RM400 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
Robomow RM400 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £1049.00
The Robomow RM400 is part of Robomow’s new generation of automatic lawn mowers. It’s supplied with a base-station and can be pre-programmed to begin mowing at a scheduled time, so you’ll be able to maintain a tidy lawn even when you’re on holiday. Power comes from a fast-charging 12Ah lead-acid battery (a spare is included); and a damp-sensor ensures the mower will return to its base-station should it start to rain. This innovative machine is equipped with a mulching-blade, so there’s no need to collect cuttings; and it incorporates a password-system and an alarm to prevent theft. An optional remote-control allows for manual mowing; and an adjustable height-of-cut (20 – 80mm) means you’ll be able to fine-tine your finish.
Robomow RM200 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
Robomow RM200 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £899.00
This technologically-advanced but simple-to-use machine from Robomow will mow your lawn without you even having to leave your armchair. Ideal for lawns up to 250 square-metres, it’s supplied with two high-performance 12Ah batteries, so you’ll never be short of power; and it’s equipped with a mulching blade, which does away with the need to collect and dispose of clippings. The Robomow RM200 will return to its station at first sign of rain; and it features a quick-set height-of-cut (20 – 80mm) for added flexibility of use. This model also features user-controlled theft-protection; and is supplied as standard with 100-metres of perimeter-wire and 100 pegs.
Agri-Fab 175 LB ATV Tow-Behind Spreader (45-0329)
Agri-Fab 175 LB ATV Tow-Behind Spreader (45-0329) £249.00
The Agri-Fab 45-0329 has an extra-wide 12ft distribution area, so it will drastically reduce the number of passes required to get the job done. It’s capable of covering around one-acre on a single fill; and it’s equipped with a capacious 79kg hopper that’s made from robust, corrosion-resistant polyethylene. The spreader plate is also rust-free and works with durable bearing-mounted wheels to ensure a long useful-life. This model is compatible with all makes of ATV.

Agri-Fab Smartlink 42″” Poly Lawn Roller (45-0459) £149.00
There are few things more pleasing in a garden than the site of a beautifully rolled lawn and with this SmartLINK Lawn Roller attachment from Agri-Fab you can help to ensure your lawn is looking its very best by ironing all those lumps and bumps. This versatile poly roller is completely rust free and makes less noise then a steel roller when travelling over hard surfaces such concrete paths and driveways. It will also never dent, ensuring smooth, even contact with lawn every time. With its extra wide 42