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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - August 17th, 2010.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these products today

Cabbage January King Seeds
Cabbage January King Seeds was £1.93 now £1.89
Cabbage January King is a hardy winter cabbage – not even severe frost seems to bother it! The heads of Savoy Cabbage January King are crisp and crunchy with good flavour and the leaf is a conifer-blue colour. Cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin C whether eaten raw or cooked. Try to use all healthy outer leaves as it

Herb Chervil Seeds
Herb Chervil Seeds was £2.03 now £1.99
The rich savoury taste blends well with fish or meat. The leaves can also be chopped and added to salads stews and dressings. As a guide the flavour is parsley-like with a hint of aniseed. A hardy annual and winter hardy plant the attractive herb is also suitable for flower borders
Carrot Resistafly F1 Seeds
Carrot Resistafly F1 Seeds was £2.54 now £2.49
Carrot Resistafly is a terrific variety with early vigour rich core colour and smooth skin. Resistafly has a wonderful sweet flavour. Why not try steaming your carrots until tender then serve in a creamy sauce with tarragon nutmeg and dill. Excellent as a maincrop variety this has superb storage capabilities. Plant Type: Vegetable Crops In: Late Summer – Winter Root Length: 12-15cms (5-6
Carrot Sweet Candle F1 Seeds
Carrot Sweet Candle F1 Seeds was £3.06 now £2.99
An extra sweet flavoured Japanese bred variety Carrot Sweet Candle is a rich orange skinned and fleshed coreless carrot with smooth skinned cylindrical blunt ended roots. Excellent for late summer to autumn cropping Sweet candle is also prefect for the showbench. In the kitchen why not try chunks of the sweet and delicious flesh in salads or used as dips with cream cheese
Cauliflower Avalanche Seeds
Cauliflower Avalanche Seeds was £3.26 now £3.19
Avalanche is a tasty and sweet flavoured cauliflower whether eaten raw in dips or as a steamed vegetable. A good source of Vitamin C and are low in calories cauliflower is certainly a healthy choice.Cauliflower Avalanche has a vigorous upright habit producing quality heads that stand well in good condition. A fantastic dual-purpose variety this is suitable for close spacing to produce miniature heads or wider spacing for a snow white larger head. Plant Type: Vegetable Harvest: July to October or in June from overwintering Sow: Sow seeds February to May or October overwintered in coldframes. Sow seeds in individual pots or on a seed tray of good seed compost and cover with 6mm of compost or vermiculite at a minimum of 15C (60F) until germination. Germination will take around 7 days. Alternatively these can be sown thinly in a prepared seedbed 13mm deep allowing 30cm (12
Joseph Bentley - Steel Midi Twist Tine Hand Fork
Joseph Bentley – Steel Midi Twist Tine Hand Fork was £12.99 now £3.99
This midi twist tine hand fork has been designed to provide you with extra reach when cultivating the back of the borders and raised beds. The extra length also helps to eliminate back strain and backache.The design of the midi range of garden tools is inspired by the look and feel of the tools first offered by Joseph Bentley back in the 1900
Garden Ornament - Sitting Mole
Garden Ornament – Sitting Mole was £5.99 now £4.99
Sure to add character to your garden or patio area this Sitting Mole Garden Ornament is a delight. Hand-painted with an authentic lifelike appearance this mole garden ornament also makes a fantastic gift. Manufactured from resin this mole ornament will not crack or chip and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Completely frost proof and weather resistant too it
Cocoa Shell Mulch 70 litre
Cocoa Shell Mulch 70 litre was £15.99 now £10.99
Cocoa shell mulch is made from natural renewable resources as a by-product of chocolate manufacturing – giving a chocolaty aroma as you open the bag. This mulch will break down over time rotting into the soil which helps improve its structure – by topping it up every few years you will maintain the benefits.Perfect for suppressing weeds and holding moisture in beds and borders once the cocoa shell has been spread and has got wet it will form a crust which binds it together – this crust will then help prevent slug and snail attacks. Each bag covers approximately 1.4 square metres spread at a depth of 5cm Please note: Cocoa shell contains the naturally occurring substance theobromine – if eaten by dogs this can be very harmful so please keep your dog away from the treated area until the mulch has settled i.e. a couple of weeks. A white mould may occasionally appears on cocoa shell when first applied this soon disappears as the cocoa shell starts to form the crust which binds it together.70 litres
Chapelwood Bird Food - Sunflower Hearts 5kg
Chapelwood Bird Food – Sunflower Hearts 5kg was £19.99 now £17.99
Sunflower Hearts are de-hulled Sunflower Seeds as the outer husk has been removed. They produce very little waste or mess resulting in a great value for money feed

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