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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - August 19th, 2010.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these lines

Compost Crock Replacement Filters Pack of 4
Compost Crock Replacement Filters Pack of 4 was £6.13 now £5.99
These four replacement filters will fit the Jumbo and the Standard Compost Crock.Keeps your compost crock smell free as they absorb all the odours for approximately 6 months. The replacement filters are activated by clever carbon filter which will allow air to circulate to prevent rotting and odour. Set of 4 Carbon Replacement Filters

50 White LED Solar Lights String
50 White LED Solar Lights String was £12.99 now £9.99
These 10-metre white LED solar string lights will look great for garden parties or simply as a decoration and have a charming strawberry design LED cover.There are 50 lights per string with a 3 metre cable from the solar panel to the first LED light. Batteries are fitted and included along with a solar panel spike and wall-mounting bracket. At darker times of the year it is best to recharge the batteries in a rechargable unit. 2 x AA rechargable battery.From end to end: 10m
Rodent Insect and Spider Repeller
Rodent Insect and Spider Repeller was £28.00 now £19.99
A humane and inexpensive alternative to poisons and traps this three speaker
Economy PondVac
Economy PondVac was £24.00 now £19.99
Keep your pond crystal clear with the new PondVac. This clever invention attaches to your garden hose to create a venturi effect which sucks up dirt and debris for storage in its reusable musline bag filtering the water as it goes. Its special brush attachment has rollers which glide over the pond bottom gently removing dirt whilst protecting fish and pondlife. Reaches up to 122cm (4′)Width of the bottom with wheels is 21.5 cms Depth: 17.5cm Filter bag: 34 x 23cm Weight: 600gComplete with lightweight telescopic handle.
Paper Briquette Maker
Paper Briquette Maker was £29.00 now £24.99
Recycle newspaper into logs for your ourdoor stove or indoor fire with this Briquette Maker. It turns your old newspapers into solid high-energy briquettes which are ideal for lighting fires BBQ’s stoves etc. Simple to use you soak the paper thoroughly roll sheets into a loose ball pack into the container and then squeeze out moisture using the handles.When made the briqette will measure approx 9 x 21.5 x 7cm (8.5X3.5X1.75)
Animal Chaser with Impulse Water Blaster Sprinkler
Animal Chaser with Impulse Water Blaster Sprinkler was £34.00 now £29.69
The ideal product for keeping small animals away from your lawn vegetable patches and flower beds. With built in sensor the animal chaser detects movement and blasts a jet of water to deter the animal thus providing an effective and humane way of deterring pests.The spray is activated by the built in movement sensor and has a spray range of up to 10 metres. Economical with water the unit produces a 5 second jet of water pauses to redetect movement and will emit another 5 second burst if necessary.As an added deterrant you can also set the unit to make an audible clicking sound.Easy to install the unit connects directly to your standard hose adaptor.Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).
Pest-A-Way was £39.00 now £34.99
Pest-A-WayProtect your home from mice rats and other pests including spiders with the Pest-A-Way which combines electromagnetic interference and ultrasonic technologies to produce an ever-changing ultrasonic sound pattern that pests cannot tolerate. Simply plug into any standard 240V socket to protect up to 500 m2 in your home attic or outhouse. Inaudible to humans and harmless to pets the Pest-A-Way consumes very little power and outdates messy traps and dangerous poisons. Not harmful to humans cats dogs or farm animals but could be uncomfortable to hamsters gerbils and ferrets.Only works in one room as the sound reflects off walls and should not affect baby monitors. Backed by a 60 day money refund guarantee and a 5 year warranty.
Ladderbrace was £69.99 now £59.99
Convert your ladders for free-standing use! Ladderfix turns any aluminium ladder into a safe free-standing platform of up to 4.3m (14 ft) high so you can keep hedges trimmed and trees pruned without the need for another person to hold the ladder. Attaches in minutes to most ladders (up to 3 sections) preventing them toppling sideways or sliding down (the biggest cause of accidents). Fold flat when not in use. Not for use with wooden ladders. Not for use on sloping or uneven ground. Safest working height using the Ladderbrace is 7 ft 2
3 in 1 Hedge Trimmer Strimmer & Border Cutter
3 in 1 Hedge Trimmer Strimmer & Border Cutter was £69.00 now £64.99
This 3 in 1 represents great value for money.Changeable heads enable swift changing between hedge cutter grass & weed strimmer and shrub & border cutter.Lightweight in construction this versatile tool is telescopic.The telescopic handle gives additional reach of up to 4 feet. This versatile tool is also rechargeable with each charge giving 60 minutes of continuous usage. Battery is stored inside the product handle. 56x8x14cm High. Weighs 6.5kg.

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