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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - August 28th, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added these new lines

Hippeastrum Blossom Pink
Hippeastrum Blossom Pink £9.95
Absolutely incredible – an Amaryllis flower with not one not two but three layers of petals! Blooms are more upward facing than is usual for an Amaryllis so you can more easily appreciate their beauty and whats more they have a midly sweet fragrance.

Hippeastrum Picotee
Hippeastrum Picotee £9.95
Sometimes called Amaryllis and belonging to the same family Hippeastrums which originate from South America are actually of a different genus.Picotee is a beautiful Hippeastrum with a delicate red edge on elegant white flowers.We offer large bulbs which will produce two and sometimes three flower stems with four to six flowers per stem.
Anemone nemorosa Robinsoniana
Anemone nemorosa Robinsoniana £8.95
A very strong and beautiful form of the ‘Wood Anemone’.  The deeply cut foliage shows off the attractive lavender-blue flowers which are a little bigger than the true species to perfection. Great for naturalizing in dappled shade..  
Hippeastrum Prelude
Hippeastrum Prelude £8.95
Whether you call them by their popular but botanically incorrect name ‘Amaryllis’ – which is actually a different genus – or by their correct name Hippeastrum doesn’t really matter. Blooms are strikingly marked with contrasting white edges veins and centres.
Summer Drummer Allium Bulbs
Summer Drummer Allium Bulbs £5.95
An absolute stunner! the 20cm / 8in diameter bi-coloured blooms are carried on purple stems. Unusually for an Allium foliage is produced along the stem as well as from ground level.
Large-flowered Mixed Crocus
Large-flowered Mixed Crocus £5.95
A carefully blended mixture to provide a gentle and soothing spectacle when naturalised in grass or between shrubs and deciduous trees.  
Ursinum Allium Bulbs
Ursinum Allium Bulbs £5.75
Commonly known as ‘Wild Garlic’ this is one perfect for naturalising between shrubs and trees in moist shady spots.  
Marigold Seed Collection
Marigold Seed Collection £4.99
Collection consists of 1 packet each of: Tiger Eyes (150 Seeds) – No other French Marigold is quite like Tiger Eyes with its central orange crest and circle of mahogany petlas. Plants stay neat and compact. Naughty Marietta (150 Seeds) – Bright yellow single blooms steaked mahogany. Gives a good show no matter the weather. Cream Cracker (100 Seeds) – An unusual cream variety enhances this high quality mixture. Cream Cracker flowers all summer. SAVE 15% with this superb collection!
Lachenalia 'Rupert' Bulbs
Lachenalia ‘Rupert’ Bulbs £4.95
This selection from the ‘African Beauty’ series of large-flowered hybrid ‘Cape Cowslips’ has proven to be a reliable performer in the U.K. Coming back from year after year provided it is kept frost-free and dry during dormancy.