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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 29th, 2010.
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New lines added today at Dobies

Spring Bedding Plant Collection Pack of 140 Easiplants
Spring Bedding Plant Collection Pack of 140 Easiplants £24.85
Our Spring Bedding Collection brings together three of our most popular varieties in one superb collection. Collection comprises: Polyanthus Pioneer (picture 1) – An impressive variety that will fill your spring garden with vibrant colour. With excellent winter hardiness, strong-growing, floriferous habit, and an impressive range of colours. Height 30cm (12″). 40 Easiplants; Wallflower Prince Mixed (picture 2) – An excellent dwarf-growing variety with masses of bright, fragrant flowers on compact, bushy plants. Colours include yellow, scarlet, primrose, violet and intermediate shades. Its dwarf habit makes it particularly suitable for growing in patio containers. Height 20cm (8″). Pack of 40 Easiplants; Pansy Paradise Mixed F1 (picture 3) – Set your winter and spring garden alight with a display of pansies in an enormous range both with and without faces! Paradise produces vigorous, uniform plants that are very hardy, producing some colour throughout winter, and reaching a specatcular climax in spring. Height 15-20cm (6-8″). Pack of 60 Easiplants. Full growing instructions included. SOLD-OUT All three varieties prefer full sun or partial shade.

Allium Moly Pack of 50 Bulbs
Allium Moly Pack of 50 Bulbs £3.95
A native of southern Europe, this beautiful ornamental garlic will light up borders and containers with clusters of bright yellow star-shaped blooms held above long, narrow, grey-green foliage. Also ideal for rockeries. Flowers May-June. Height 30cm. Bulb size 4/5cm. Full growing instructions included. May-June
Garden Bird Care Kit
Garden Bird Care Kit £49.95
Encourage a host of different wild birds into your garden with our feeding station, and selection of feeders and bird food.• Wild Bird Feeding Station – All that you need to create an attractive focal point for your garden bird feeding! Includes: decorative twin hook with fleur-de-lys finial, bird bath support ring and click-fit bird bath, small feeder hook, removable mesh feeder tray and heavy duty 3 section feeder pole. Good quality, well-made components. Total height 2.26m (7’5″). Height above ground 1.85m (6’1″).• 3 Premium Flip Top Feeders – These three feeders are each designed to be filled with a different type of feed (one with seeds, the second with peanuts and the third with Fat Snax), which will help you attract a wide range of different birds. They have large, flip top lids, which can be opened one-handed for easy filling and cleaning and their large capacity means they don’t need refilling too often.• 2kg Pack of No Mess Seed Mix – Appeals to a variety of birds; creates no mess from discarded seed husks, split and uneaten seed will not grow.• 2kg Pack of Peanuts – A nutritious oil-rich, high protein food, contains top quality kernels with a low moisture content that helps prevent mould; aflatoxin tested and passed.• Pack of 6 Fat Snax – An extremely popular high energy food source, for use on bird tables or in Fat Snax Feeder.