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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - September 3rd, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added loads of new items

Oriental Lily Collection
Oriental Lily Collection £22.25
Characterised by their large open richly perfumed flowers these are the Lilies you are most likely to see offered for sale as cut flowers.  Flowering in July and August all varieties will stand out in beds and borders and the shorter growing varieties are also perfect for growing in containers. 3 bulbs in a 15cm diameter pot will add both beauty and fragrance to any patio. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Debbie Miss Feya Mona Lisa Rodolfa Valdemar

Large Flowered Amaryllis Collection
Large Flowered Amaryllis Collection £19.85
Whether you call them by their popular but botanically incorrect name ‘Amaryllis’ – which is actually a different genus – or by their correct name Hippeastrum doesn’t really matter. It’s the end result that counts and here is our super-sized bulb selection of some of the very best not only Large Flowered Varieties but also some Smaller Flowered and Double Varieties. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Apple Blossom Orange Sovereign Red Lion  
Border Allium Collection
Border Allium Collection £19.20
Inter-planted with perennials or in small drifts these varieties provide scale and add extra interest to mixed summer-flowering herbaceous borders. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Gladiator Mount Everest Purple Sensation
Large Flowered Crocus Collection
Large Flowered Crocus Collection £15.80
Whether planted in small clumps dotted along the front of the border or as informal sweeping drifts amongst deciduous trees and shrubs these selected hybrid varieties of C. vernus provide some of the earliest splashes of colour in the gardening year during February/March.Collection consists 1 pack each of: Gloden Yellow Jeanne d’Arc King of Striped Remembrance
Cyclamineus Narcissus Collection
Cyclamineus Narcissus Collection £14.60
One flower per stem; petals reflexed (swept back). These are not only good planted in beds and borders but as they are not too tall they are also great for growing in patio pots and even window boxes. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: February Gold Jack Snipe Jetfire Tete-a-Tete
Multiflora Hyacinth Collection
Multiflora Hyacinth Collection £14.45
Each bulb will produce several stems. These carry much more loosely scattered flower bells than the normally offered Indoor Hyacinths so if you fancy a slightly more informal but still delightfully fragrant display these are just what you need. Sometimes referred to as ‘Roman Hyacinths’. Collection consists of 1 pack each of: Hyacinth Multiflora Blue Hyacinth Multiflora Pink Hyacinth Multiflora White  
Petunia Surfinia Collection x15 Plants
Petunia Surfinia Collection x15 Plants £13.90
Special Offer – Buy 2 Packs Get 1 FREE The original and still one of the best cutting-raised single trailing Petunia currently available! Meticulous standards set by the original breeder at its introduction and continuous quality control since mean that Surfinia Petunias obtained from licensed producers will be strong vigorous plants and even more importantly disease free. Collection consists of 15 plants 3 each of the following: Snow Blue Vein Purple Blood Red Sky Blue
Geranium Ivy Leaf Collection x15 Plants
Geranium Ivy Leaf Collection x15 Plants £13.90
Special Offer – Buy 2 Packs Get 1 FREE! Perfect for hanging baskets patio containers and window boxes. Plant up as soon as you receive them but make sure you do not move the container outdoors until all danger of a late spring frost has passed. All the varieties in this collection have a compact but vigorous habit and if regularly dead-headed will produce a fine display to last all summer long. Collection consists of 15 plants 3 each of the following: Amelit Blanche Roche Katrine Mexica Tom Lilly
Fuchsias Giant Flowered Trailing x15 Plants
Fuchsias Giant Flowered Trailing x15 Plants £13.90
  Special Offer – Buy 2 Packs Get 1 FREE!    Big bold and blowsy! The blooms of these Giant Double Fuchsias never fail to create an eye-catching and imposing display. The naturally trailing stems cascade beautifully over the edge of baskets and containers. These fabulous fuchsias with their huge flowers are perfect for exhibitions and if they are dead-headed they bloom until the first frost. Collection consists of 15 plants 3 each of the following:   Cecile Kit Oxtoby Sarah Eliza Snowburner Voodoo