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Solar gardening gadgets

by Sarah - September 3rd, 2010.
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Two Wests and Elliott have this excellent range of solar powered gardening gadgets that help make gardening more easy and fun! Ideal as gifts too – this collection is ideal for finding an unusual gift for the gardener in your life! The solar watering system could well help you get better crops by enabling watering to take place automatically. Fantastic solar gadgets!

Gardena Water Computer C 1060 Solar Plus (1866-28)
Gardena Water Computer C 1060 Solar Plus (1866-28) £119.9900
This premium Water Computer from Gardena is ideal for the specialist grower. It allows you to set the computer to suit your exact needs – with watering times variable from 1 minute to 9 hours and 59 minutes free selection of watering days throughout the week and programmable frequencies for the number of times you water throughout the day. With on screen instructions on the large digital display it’s simple to programme this versatile computer. In addition to versatile programming this computer also includes a solar panel allowing you to harness the power of the sun to run the computer.-The large digital display shows the instructions to follow as you programme the computer-Programme up to six watering cycles per day-Watering times can be set from one minute up to nine hours 59 minutes-You can freely select the days when watering is to occur-A high power solar cell and lithium-ion solar rechargeable battery (included). There is no need to replace the battery – the solar cell charges the battery even if the weather is overcast-Suitable for fitting to «” _” or 1″ screw threaded taps or fit to a Tap Connector (TC3 or TC4)-Operates under a range of water pressures from 0.5 to 12 bar-Gardena product code: 1866-28

Solar Powered Extractor Fan (Smart Vent 300)
Solar Powered Extractor Fan (Smart Vent 300) £69.9500
Reduce heat and condensation in your greenhouse with this Solar Powered Extractor fan. Powered by the sun it automatically removes air when it’s hot. Having no wires make it easy to fit where you have space.-When overcast battery backup keeps it working-Extracts 25 cubic metres air per hour-8 «” diameter x 2 «” deep (not fixing dimensions)
Solar Hanging Basket Turner (ROTO BASKET 41000MO1)
Solar Hanging Basket Turner (ROTO BASKET 41000MO1) £9.9500
This Solar Powered Hanging Basket Turner automatically turns your hanging basket for beautiful even displays without any effort.-Simply fit between the hanging basket bracket and basket.-As the sun shines your basket will turn gently through 360§ so your plants benefit from an even light distribution as they grow.
Insect Conservation Study Centre
Insect Conservation Study Centre £98.6500
This insect study centre is ideal for schools or colleges as it has been specially developed to allow students to easily study a wide range of insects. Simply site in a sheltered area where it can catch the warmth of the morning sun. From Ladybirds to Lacewings Solitary Bees to Moths this insect centre will attract a wide selection of insects.-This insect study centre includes:-Solar Light – positioned on the slopping roof this will both attract insects during the darker times of the day and will light up the study area behind the perspex window at the top of the centre-Nesting Tubes – these provide a natural nesting area for Solitary Bees (such as Mason Bees) and provides a safe area for overwintering for many types of insects-Clear Nesting Tubes – to let you easily study insects as they build their nests within these clear tubes-Hinged Door – with a large magnifying window you can view the insects in this area of the centre – or open the door for closer study. Side opening windows in this section of the centre also allows easy viewing -Lacewing Chamber – Lacewings will find this a secure place for overwintering. Supplied filled with straw it’s recommended you treat with Lacewing Attractant in the Autumn to attract the Lacewings. If you’d rather encourage Ladybirds you can replace the straw with bark – which ladybirds prefer for overwintering-Solitary Bee Hive – a dry area with specially designed U shape nesting holes. Solitary Bees are non aggressive so this section has been designed to allow you to remove the trays for close study of the bees
Solar Computer (Gardena 1833-28)
Solar Computer (Gardena 1833-28) £89.9500
Gardena have developed this Solar Computer to combine versatile timed automation of watering systems with energy saving operation.-Clear easy to read electronic data display.-Versatile programming allows you to set time starting time frequency (up to 6 watering periods per day) & duration (between 1min to 9hrs 59mins).-Watering days can be freely selected.-Incorporates a powerful solar cell & solar rechargeable battery (guaranteeing continuous operation on even cloudy days).-Fit directly onto a screw threaded tap ( _” «” or 5/8″ tap size) or onto a Tap Connector (TC3 or TC4).-Operates under a range of water pressures from 0.5 to 12 bar.-Gardena Product Code: 1833-28
Water Distributor   (1198)
Water Distributor (1198) £42.8000
Gardena’s Water Distributor enables up to six separate water outlets to be sequentially supplied from a single mains water supply allowing easy operation of different outdoor devices (e.g. sprinklers sprayers etc.) positioned around the garden. -Ideal for use where there is insufficient water pressure to use all equipment simultaneously as only one outlet at a time is supplied with water.-Supplied with 3 end caps – in case you don’t want to use all 6 of the available outlets. -Operate manually by turning on & off the mains water supply or control automatically using a Gardena water computer (e.g. Dial Deluxe or Solar Computer). -Each time the water flow is stopped/started the Distributor switches the water supply on to the next outlet.
Outdoor Floodlight (Greenbrook SON70)
Outdoor Floodlight (Greenbrook SON70) £39.9500
Ideal for safety lighting this Outdoor Garden Floodlight can be either ground or wall mounted to flood an area within your garden with light. And on Special Offer for just ?39.95 this is the economical way to flood your garden with light. -Manufactured with a tough weatherproof polycarbonate lens & diecast aluminium body.-Supplied complete with a long life 70 watt low energy bulb giving a high level of light output.-This mains voltage light will provide over ten times the light output of a low voltage system & more than 100 times more than a solar powered system.
Solar Insect Theatre
Solar Insect Theatre £36.9500
This Solar Insect Theatre has been specially designed to make it easy for you to sturdy the insects that visit your garden. It’s also ideal for schools and colleges where students will be able to study various insects with ease. -In the top of the theatre is a solar light. This automatically stores up power during the day so that at dusk the light turns on attracting into the theatre moths lacewings butterflies and many other flying insects-At dawn the solar light will turn off revealing the insects that have taken up residence with the theatre-The central chamber of the theatre can be accessed through the door on the side – allowing you to add plant material or branches to attract in the insects. And it’s also the easy way to remove any of the insects to study more closely-At the base of the theatre a lower shelf has been bored with nesting holes to encourage solitary bees to set up home-This Insect Theatre is best sited between one to two metres of the ground fixing to a wall fence or post. It should be in a sheltered arrive but where it will be able to catch the sunlight-Size 12«” (32cm) high 8″ (20.5cm) wide and 6_” (17cm) deep-Weight approximately 1.4kg
Solar Powered Greenhouse/Shed Light (18120)
Solar Powered Greenhouse/Shed Light (18120) £23.9500
Fit this Solar Powered Light in your greenhouse or shed to light the area you’re working in for free. Powered by the sun this solar light needs no electricity to run making it easy to install and ideal for use on allotments. -Provides up to 1« hours of light – comes complete with rechargeable batteries. -Easy to fit – the weatherproof solar panel is mounted outside the solar light inside. -All fixings supplied.