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Price reductions at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - September 4th, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants reduced the price on these products today

Onion Sets: Sturon (Heat Prepared)
Onion Sets: Sturon (Heat Prepared) was £3.95 now £3.75
An excellent maincrop variety producing high quality medium-sized juicy-fleshed bulbs. Good yields keeps extremely well in storage. Heat treating helps prevent bolting.

Pea Seed Collection
Pea Seed Collection was £5.95 now £5.49
When it comes to taste there is nothing to beat peas fresh from the garden – straight from the pod to the plate with the minimum fuss! Cook with a sprig of mint finish with a knob of butter and that’s it – just enjoy!Our Pea Collection includes:Early Onward (250 Seeds) – A heavy cropper producing peas 8-10 days earlier than Onward.Hurst Green Shaft (300 Seeds) – Very good flavour and freezes well.Sugar Sugar Flash (100 Seeds) – As sweet as sugar excellent disease resistanceSave Over 25% with this collection
Annabelle Seed Potatoes (Salad)
Annabelle Seed Potatoes (Salad) was £6.95 now £5.95
Produces a good crop of long medium sized oval tubers. The waxy flesh is a mouth-watering buttery yellow perfect for making potato salads. Plants have a tidy compact habit.
Desiree Seed Potatoes (Maincrop)
Desiree Seed Potatoes (Maincrop) was £6.50 now £5.95
This red skinned yellow fleshed maincrop produces heavy crops of bold tubers even in dry seasons. These have a waxy texture and excellent flavour. Wonderful for baking and lovely mashed it stores well.
King Edward Seed Potatoes (Maincrop)
King Edward Seed Potatoes (Maincrop) was £6.45 now £5.95
An old but still very popular traditional variety and deservedly so. The oval tubers have attractive red splashes over the eyes. Ideal for baking and roasting.
Kestrel Seed Potatoes (Second Early)
Kestrel Seed Potatoes (Second Early) was £6.75 now £6.50
Second Early for July lifting. With its extra smooth skin with attractive purple eyes this variety has time and time again been a prize winner at many an exhibition. Makes good chips and roasts well because the soft flesh does not absorb much fat. Good old-fashioned flavour. Consistently shows good resistance to slugs and blackleg.
Charlotte Seed Potatoes (Salad)
Charlotte Seed Potatoes (Salad) was £6.95 now £6.75
Uniform shallow-eyed long-oval tubers 50% bigger than other salad varieties. Tender creamy-yellow flesh remains very firm and has a mouth-watering flavour hot or in salads! Still our favourite salad potato and still regularly recommended by top chefs! Ready end of June.
Juliette Seed Potatoes (Salad)
Juliette Seed Potatoes (Salad) was £7.95 now £6.95
This has become very popular with all who have tried it. The creamy long oval tubers are superb ina potato salad flavoured with mayonnaise and a few freshly chopped chives. Yields are excellent with a high number of tubers per plant which have good blight and eelworm resistance.Subject to prevailing conditions when they are due to be harvested we will start despatching seed potatoes from late November and carry on through to mid March.
Lady Balfour Seed Potatoes (Second Early)
Lady Balfour Seed Potatoes (Second Early) was £7.50 now £6.95
Lady Balfour has excellent resistant to major diseases including blight scab and virus Y as well as strong resistance to eelworm. Gives very high yields even in soils with low fertility. This means that in most seasons it can be grown organically. The pink-splashed tubers are very attractive with tasty creamy flesh. Perfect for boiling and roasting.