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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - September 7th, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added these new products

Petunia Tumbelina Collection x15 Plants
Petunia Tumbelina Collection x15 Plants £13.90
Special Offer – Buy 2 Packs Get 1 FREE Simply the best – An amazing profusion of flower-power! When it comes to double trailing petunias Tumbelinas have set the standard which others have tried to match but in our opinion none has yet got even close to doing so. Our customers agree and these are now well up there amongst our customers firm favourites. These fabulous plants trail beautifully over the edges of your baskets. Dead-head regularly to keep them flowering all summer long. Our collection included 15 young plants – 3 of each variety: Priscilla Rosey Ripple Melissa Joanna Clara

Osteospermum Sunny Selection x15 Plants
Osteospermum Sunny Selection x15 Plants £13.90
Special Offer – Buy 2 Packs Get 1 FREE We couldn’t resist the beautiful colours of these Osteospermums Plants. The gold edged pink petals of Sunny Bella positively glow in the sun. The plants colours complement each other and best of all there is no deadheading! New flowers are constantly produced to cover up faded blooms. Collection consists of 1 plant each of: Sunny Bella Sunny Mary Sunny Carlos Sunny Sheila Sunny Dark Florence
Penstemon Border Collection x15 Plants
Penstemon Border Collection x15 Plants £13.90
No border is complete without these versatile plants. Our border penstemon collection will ensure your display will be quite spectacular! Masses of beautiful bells are produced on bushy plants over a very long period. Removing the flowers as they fade will keep them performing well into the autumn. They are hardy in most areas too. If you live in a frost-prone area give them a winter mulch to protect the crown they will then reward you with a fantastic display for years to come. Our collection includes 15 young plants – 3 of each variety:   Czar Jessica Mai Amelia Jane Laura Plum Jerkum  
Penstemon Dessert Collection x15 Plants
Penstemon Dessert Collection x15 Plants £13.90
From Strawberries and Cream to Blueberry Fudge our ‘Dessert’ Collection of five perennial Penstemons looks good enough to eat! This new ‘Ice Cream’ series produces stunning large flowers in a range of dazzling colours all of which makes them highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Our collection includes 15 young plants – 3 of each variety: Strawberries & Cream Juicy Grape Blueberry Fudge Vanilla Plum Sweet Cherry
Marguerite Kaleidoscope Collection x15 Plants
Marguerite Kaleidoscope Collection x15 Plants £13.90
No summer garden is complete without these lovely ‘daisies’. So simple even a child can grow them!They seem to just flower on and on no matter how you treat them. Perfect in pots and exceptional in the border with a bit of dead heading they will keep on flowering until the first frost. Our collection includes 15 young plants – 3 of each variety: Reflection Pink Butterfly Starlight Red Summit Pink Reflection Yellow Cream
Dahlia Dark Leaved Collection x15 Plants
Dahlia Dark Leaved Collection x15 Plants £13.90
These superb compact dahlias have deliciously dark almost black leaves which are a perfect foil for the large single flowers held well above the foliage. Flowering from July to October they are a stunning addition to any garden and are perfect for cutting with a long vase life. Our collection includes 15 young plants – 3 of each variety: Happy First Love Happy Party Happy Princess Happy Romeo Happy Wink