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Rhubarb at Dobies

by Sarah - September 10th, 2010.
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Dobies has three types of rhubarb available. Plant now – and try not to harvest any next year but the year after you should be able to take your first proper crop!
Rhubarb is a fantastic thing to grow in the garden. It’ll cope with a shady corner and give you lots of sticks of lovely rhubarb! Get growing this and make your own crumbles and pies! Delicious and very easy! It’s not very fussy as long as it gets some well rotted manure in the autumn (or compost!)

Rhubarb Champagne Pack of 3 Plants
Rhubarb Champagne Pack of 3 Plants £13.95
A much sought after rhubarb that gives a plentiful yield of long, deep pink sticks outdoors from early May. Can also be forced, when it yields tender, sweet young stems from early March (when rhubarb is most expensive to buy). Full growing instructions included. Early March

Rhubarb Stockbridge Arrow Pack of 3 Plants
Rhubarb Stockbridge Arrow Pack of 3 Plants £13.95
Arrow-shaped leaves and thick, deep red sticks (up to 60cm [2′] long when forced). Bred in Yorkshire, it produces a heavy crop (up to 2.5kg [6lb] per plant), with very few thin/waste sticks. Ideal for forcing, outdoor production and exhibition! Full growing instructions included. November onward
Rhubarb Timperley Early Pack of 3 Plants
Rhubarb Timperley Early Pack of 3 Plants £13.95
The earliest rhubarb available, capable of outdoor production from February (when it’s very expensive to buy) right through to October. Produces thinner sticks than Stockbridge Arrow, which are part coloured and deliciously tart flavoured. Full growing instructions included. END OF OCTOBER