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Reasons to have a garden pond

by Sarah - September 11th, 2010.
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A pond brings wildlife into your garden. It’ll bring insects and amphibians in as well as birds! It’ll be a lovely peaceful area in your garden. You could have a wildlife pond or a fish pond. There’s certainly more maintenance with a fish pond but you can have some amazing fish!
A wildlife pond should have plenty of plants in and be of sufficient depth that frogs can hide in the bottom of it in the winter. That’s ideally at least 75cm – a 100 cm deep would be good too. It doesn’t need to be that deep all the way across, infact having a shallow slope at one end allows for different creatures to get into the pond and is perfect for tadpoles as they develope! A variety of plants should be put in too – some tall reads, some lillies and some oxygenating weed.
You’re not supposed to take frogspawn from another pond but people do – leave your pond a year and you might get some naturally. It’s better if frogs find their own way to your garden because if anything happened to it then there are other ponds locally that could sustain them.
There’s a pond liner calculator at pondkeeper to help you and tons of advice if you want a koi pond!

PondKeeper have everything you need if you’re a beginner or an experienced pond keeper. The best brands anmd best items of pond equipment.

Aquamax Eco 4000 with Free Hose & Clips
Aquamax Eco 4000 with Free Hose & Clips £139.99
The Aquamax range is known worldwide for pumping polluted water into filter systems. This NEW version now boasts energy savings of up to 40% on the old model.

Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum System
Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum System £149.99
The Blagdon Pond Monsta takes pond vacuums to a whole new level.
This is the most powerful vacuum we have tested by far and it makes cleaning out big ponds a doddle.

It is supplied with a special collector unit – a perforated cage which allows clean pond water to return to the pond but catches all debris/solids.

This is a genuine special offer price – it can’t last, so scoop up a bargain today!
Pondovac 3 - Free P&P + Free RCD
Pondovac 3 – Free P&P + Free RCD £179.99
Pondovac3 is a sludge vacuum that effortlesly removes coarse sludge particles like algae, mud, dead plants and leaf remnants.
It is the third generation of the original Pondovac invented by Oase of Germany. This is the only pondside model that offers continuous suction – other models fill the chamber then you have to wait for discharge…but you need not wait any more!
Small Fish Pond Kit 3000 Litres
Small Fish Pond Kit 3000 Litres £129.99
Pond liner, underlay and a complete filtration sytem to create a fish pond up to 3x2m at a depth of 0.5m (10′ x 6’6″ x 1’6″).

Save £59.27 compared to buying components individually
OASE Pondovac Start - FREE GLOVES
OASE Pondovac Start – FREE GLOVES £119.99
You can be reassured that this pond vacuum has been tried and tested in the market for a long time. There is now more competition in the market but the Pondovac still outsells the rest.

The latest version is equipped with the best suction heads and a quieter motor than the competition.

If you are new to pond vacuums and are not sure which one to buy this is your best best!