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Winter hanging baskets

by Sarah - September 11th, 2010.
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Thompson & Morgan has these excellent plants you could be buying now and putting in your winter hanging baskets. Brightening up the outside of your home with hanging baskets is often associated with summer but it’s easy to do for the winter too and can be very cheery!
These plants are all recommended by T&M for winter hanging baskets!

Winter Hanging Basket Collection 18 young plants
Winter Hanging Basket Collection 18 young plants £15.99
Now you can have baskets of colour outside your door from November through to May, thanks to this innovative collection of plants. With fragrance too, you’ll want to grow TWO, one each side of your door! Basket not included.

Viola Friolina Mixed 10 jumbo plants + FREE Plant Labels
Viola Friolina Mixed 10 jumbo plants + FREE Plant Labels £17.98
Viola Friolina Mixed is an exciting series of exceptionally trailing, multi-flowering violas that are perfect for colour and perfume all summer long. Our hanging basket had over 4,000 flowers on it – and from just 5 plants! Trailing 48-60 inches. Pack contains yellow, purple, blue gold, orange, NEW creamy pink. A dual use basket and container plant: Plant in March/April for a summer display. Plant in August/September for a winter and spring display.
Pansy Plentifall 42 plug plants
Pansy Plentifall 42 plug plants £14.99
This new and exciting, large flowered pansy has been bred to have a true trailing habit. Pansy Plentifall has branching stems with a mass of fragrant, colourful blooms will fill your hanging baskets from autumn right through the coldest months of winter.Trailing to 45cm (18 inches).
Lobelia tenulor Blue Wings 1 packet
Lobelia tenulor Blue Wings 1 packet £2.69
On T&M’s trials we believe we have found the largest flowered bedding lobelia available. Exceptionally abundant cobalt blue flowers cover compact mounds of foliage. Superb winter/spring flowering pot plant, summer bedding in sunny sheltered sites, containers and hanging baskets, edging or rockeries, and bedding. Excellent weather resistance.
Cranberry : Pilgrim 1 pot grown bush
Cranberry : Pilgrim 1 pot grown bush £10.99
A low growing evergreen with small leathery leaves and a lax habit, making it ideal for creating a cascading effect in containers or hanging baskets. The tiny pink to red flowers are followed by juicy dark-red berries with a distinctive tart flavour, often still hanging on bushes throughout the winter. Ideal for adding to a variety of dishes as well as making preserves and traditional cranberry sauce. Suitable for growing in containers or hanging baskets. Cranberries, are high in vitamins and nutrients. If made into a juice, gargled then swallowed, it can be used as an effective treatment for sore throats, coughs and colds.
Asarina antirrhiniflora Mixed 1 packet
Asarina antirrhiniflora Mixed 1 packet £2.99
The very pretty 2.5cm (1in) long snapdragons that will thrive in sun or shade. The “Climbing Snapdragon” comes in shades of red, pink, violet and blue, with speckled creamy lips. This attractive quick-growing half-hardy annual will twine itself around trellises, or creep down from pots. The pale green foliage gives a soft foil for the dainty flowers. Also useful for pots or hanging baskets, flowering from early summer to late winter if protected from frost. Grows to 120-180cm (4-6ft).