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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - September 12th, 2010.
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Crocus just added these new items

high-top-electric-propagator £149.99
This 50 watt heated propagated is a basic version of of the model 130 unit and has a strong aluminium framed top. The solid corner joints, which can be tapped in to place, make assembly easy and it also clear plastic glazing. The lid can be lifted off for easy access and has two adjustable ventilators.Size: 75x40x35cm (30x16x14in)

three-in-one-electric-propagator £89.99
Electronically heated tray provides the ideal conditions for seeds and cuttings for the early winter and spring. The thermostat will automatically cut off the heat when the correct soil temperature has been reached and maintain it at that level. The extra capacity 50 watt element will easily cater for any sudden drop in temperature. It is this precise control which ensures a consistent soil temperature, producing strong healthy plants with good root systems. The moulded front panel incorporates a capillary thermostat and two neon pilot lights. One neon light indicates when the mains is on and the other switches on and off with the heating element. The unit is supplied with three standard seed trays and styrene high domes with ventilators.Rated 50 watts/240 voltsSize 75cm x 40cm (30″ x 16″)Thermostatically controlledEconomical to runAdjustable ventalationVariable temperature control
all-steel-garden-roller £79.99
This all-steel garden roller is the ideal way to achieve a perfect finish to your lawn. Weighing 12kg (85kg once loaded with ballast), it can be used to resettle autumn repairs or flatten the effects of frost and worm casts in spring.Size: width 457mm x diameter 356mmHere are a few pointers regarding the machinery part of your order.Machinery cannot be left without a signature, so you will need to sign for deliveryIf you can’t be there, talk nicely to your neighbour and then when you place your order remember to say ‘please leave with neighbour if not in’, so we know what to doMachinery will be easy to assemble (if not already assembled) and will come with an owner’s manual or instruction booklet